Fascism 101

Him who controls the word, controls the world

During the Nazi occupation of Norway, my grandfather had to make an escape to Sweden with his family. The Nazis had discovered my grandfather had a radio receiver in his basement, and this was illegal during the war, since it allowed people to listen to BBC broadcastings, and retrieve neutral information about how the war was proceeding. Therefor the Nazis made radio receivers illegal, because they wanted to control what information the population of Norway received. During the escape to Sweden, my grandfather was hunted by fighter airplanes, shooting at him, as he and his family was hiding under a rock in the hillsides between Sweden and Narvik – Which shows how determined the Nazis were to control information in societies they occupied. The first step on the ladder up towards fascism is always censorship!

It is impossible to create a fascist state without first applying “perfect censorship.” This exact same recipe has been followed by people like Joseph Goebbels and Abu Bakr (the leader of ISIS). The reasons are that in order for fascism to exist, it needs a “perfect echo chamber”, where all doubt, second thought, and alternative voices are first silenced. Otherwise the population of the fascist state will have doubts about their own actions, due to people with different opinions raising their concerns, and arguing against the herd mentality that fascism relies upon in order to succeed.

During the Soviet Revolution for instance, all the “idiots” ran for the Czar’s Palace, while the entire “intellectual elite” ran towards the press, to control what the rest of the country could hear about the revolution, and such were able to make the rest of the population believe that the Czar had already fallen, and that they were already in control – And hence that there was no reasons to resist anymore, and everybody could rejoice in a more just society, with equality for all, and perfect socialism. It took 70 years, and millions of lives, before Russians again could talk about “freedom of press” with a straight face, at least to some extent.

If you control what people are told, you control their minds. If you control their minds, you control their actions

In such a way, arguably, all sin belongs to journalism as a profession …


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