The occult

Rasputin, a man with many secrets

I love words as you probably have realised. Especially words that contains huge amounts of emotions seems to trigger my curiosity. And especially if these emotions are not justified, and the common understanding of these words have been falsified by some people, for whatever reasons they have to falsify our understanding of these words. The “occult” is one of these words. Occult simply means “hidden”, nothing more nothing less. If you and your friends have a secret only you know about, you are by the very definition of the term occultists. Since we all have secrets of some sort, we are arguably all occultists. Whether or not we are evil or not, depends upon what secrets we choose to hide.

500 years ago, studying the Bible, and coming to different conclusions than the Vatican, was considered a sin, and you risked being burned at the stake as a “witch” or “satan worshipper”. Not accepting Jesus as your saviour, was enough to convict you to death. Therefor, studying “that which is hidden”, became demonised, and associated with devil worship. Today we kind of laugh a little bit of the stupidity of this belief, but 500 years ago, to those whom were executed for being witches, this was no joke.

Therefor huge amounts of literature and texts were hidden from us, to avoid giving us “ideas”, that could contradict the official explanation the church were for some reasons handing us as “the truth.” The flat Earth belief was simply one of these truths. Studying the shape of the Earth, hence became illegal, and was labeled as “the study of the occult.” It was enough to read a single page of Galileo’s texts, to end up in hell in your afterlife. Hence, Galileo’s texts were “hidden”, or turned into “occult.” At the end of this period though, the shape of the Earth was such a commonly known thing, that the Papacy no longer could reject the facts. This resulted in that most (sane) people lost all respect for this institution, due to its actions during the “dark ages.” Arguably, the Vatican such committed suicide one might argue, by “dabbling with the occult”, as in “creating secrets in plain sight.” – Secrets that “everybody” knew were lies.

Ask yourself the following; What is hidden from you today? Some things probably should stay hidden, and is really not your business to reveal. For instance, whether or not your neighbour is a homosexual or not, is not your business, neither to know, nor to reveal if you already know. Other “hidden things” are of more serious character though, and prevents us from developing ourselves, and creating better societies, with more harmonious citizens and relationships. One example would be if your neighbour ritualistically sacrifices children during full moon, to drink their blood. The latter example is probably something you should speak out about, if you happen to have knowledge about it. In between these two extremes is “everything else.” Whether or not it deserves daylight or not, is individual I assume – But some things simply should not stay “hidden.” Most sane people today can agree upon that. Hence …

What are the “flat Earth subjects” in society today, and who are making sure they stay “hidden” …?


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