The Invisible Man

The human psyche has a fascinating repertoire of self preservation tactics once confronted with extermination. Many of these tactics are also completely subconscious to the person who utilises them, and not something the individual consciously thinks about either – But rather his or hers instinctual parts of the brain “taking over” once confronted with life threatening situations. The primary example of this that everybody knows about, is how “instincts” seems to take over when you find yourself in a life threatening situation, such as meeting a driver in the wrong lane on the freeway, doing 100 miles per hour. However, there are much more interesting and subtle tactics to be found, down the same “alley”, once you study the subject with an open mind.

In 2011 I was hitchhiking around California for 6 months. I was in my second divorce, and I was burned out, and I needed some “self realisation time for myself.” In the middle of Market Street of San Francisco I saw a “lunatic.” Some man, in his mid 20s, was standing in the middle of the road, and shouting “I am invisible! I am invisible!”

For some few seconds I stood at the other side of the street, and simply observed him, simply fascinated at “how crazy the human mind can become.” As I crossed the road, it dawned upon me, and I walked towards the guy, not too close, since I realised he probably had some “teeth”, and would probably “bite me” if I came too close – But I came just close enough to show him my respect, and I looked him in his eyes, and I gained contact with him. At that point I whispered, such that only he could hear what I said, and I said “I can see you.” The guy stared at me for some few seconds, smiled a little bit at me, before he shrugged his head, and continued shouting “I am invisible! I am invisible!”

To a “damaged man”, pretending to be insane, is often constructive. This was what I had realised, since others with intentions of causing him harm, would simply “shy away from him”, almost as if they would expect to be “infected with whatever he was suffering from.” Obviously, this was a part of the man’s self preservation mechanisms, which allowed him to live mostly in peace from others wanting to harm him. Which probably was his primary experience with other humans over the years, and again had resulted in this “anti social behaviour” and his “insanity.”

If the guy was attacked, for some reasons, the rest of the population around him would simply intervene, and say things such as “Leave him alone, can’t you see that he is sick!” Hence, his psyche, had “self inflicted” insanity unto himself, in order to preserve his life. Nature is amazing …


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