The Apocalypse

Is the Apocalypse the end of the world?

The apocalypse is the most feared event in human subconsciousness. Most people perceive it as a point in the future, when the world will cease to exist. However, it has nothing to do with the end of the world in fact – Quite the contrary in fact. Purely linguistically and psychologically, it implies a point in (future) time when your life can truly start, and you can start living for real, and probably truly be understood and loved, for what you are, and not for what you have pretended to be up to that point. To understand why, we’ll have to look at what the word actually means, ignoring the lies surrounding it. The word “apocalypse” is Greek, and it means “revealing.” As in “the things that have been hidden will become visible.”

Sure, if you fear that the truth about you shall be revealed, the idea of revealing everything about you to the world at large probably sounds scary, and could probably be imagined to cause you harm. However, the religious ideas behind the apocalypse, is first of all that the truth about everyone will be revealed, at which point everybody will see everybody for what they truly are. This results in that no single individual will risk (much) shaming, since everybody is forced to confront their own faults and wrongdoings. For obvious reasons, people with a “lot to hide”, has done their best throughout history, to postpone this event as much as possible, fearing that it’ll reveal them for what they are, to everybody else, such that they will be condemned in public. However, unless your previous actions are somewhere in the category of “ritualistically sacrifice children to Satan and drinking their blood under the full moon”, you basically have little or nothing to fear from having everything about you revealed. In fact, you probably have everything to gain! Simply since the lies told about you to others, will also be revealed, and those who have told those lies, will have their motives for doing so exposed to the world at large too.

For instance, if you read the Bible without preconceived notions, you’ll have to accept that Jesus was a somewhat of a “slut”. Hence, if you’ve been a “slut”, you can simply point to the Bible and say “If you condemn me, you’ll condemn Jesus, ‘The Son of God’ too. As you judge, you shall be judged.” If somebody condemns you for having told a white lie, you can say “Joseph lied and said Mary was a virgin”, etc. So if your “sins” are anywhere within the “normal range” of sins, there is little to fear from this revealing process.

Facts are, we all have something to hide, and most things we hide are of little or no interest to the public at large, and most people probably won’t even notice it if somebody told the world everything about you – You’re simply not that important, and what you’re hiding is probably not that interesting – Unless your name is Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump or something, and what you’re hiding are serious crimes, that would make the world realise you’re nothing even close to what you have projected yourself to be during your public life. To most people, the apocalypse is a future event, having little or no impact on their personal lives. To some people though, those whom have spent their entire lives lying in public, and used these lies to create false personas, to exploit the masses at large, the apocalypse is probably scary.

Hence, the fear of the apocalypse, arguably becomes this “revealing” – As in, those whom are afraid of this revealing, and those whom are lying about it, to make sure nobody accidentally sets it into motion, purely logically are the ones you probably should stay away from. So arguably, we don’t need the apocalypse to occur in order to “reveal” all those whom we should shy away from. We only need to have everybody to believe it will happen, at which point those with really dark and perverted things to hide, will “out” themselves automatically, by doing the best they can to prevent it from happening.

To say it with other words …

“The Truth shall set you free. But the fear of that the truth shall be revealed, becomes your prison”

And there’s nothing religious about that. It’s got nothing to do with magic, superstition or “Biblical fairy tales”. It’s simply psychology 101. Ask yourself the following question: “Who are preventing you from telling the world what you know to be true?” The answer to that question, becomes the recipe for who you should stay away from. And “who are preventing your friends from telling the world what they know?” The answer to that question also becomes the ones whom are lying, deceitful individuals, whom you should not trust in general, because they have based their lives upon lies, and are doing everything they can to prevent the Truth from being revealed …

So the apocalypse arguably hence purely logically, already at this point, is a historical event, having already occurred … 😉

Nothing to see here, just move on … 😀


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