Was Jesus batshit crazy?

Jesus is calling you, will you answer him?

The Bible is kind of like a practical joke. If you believe it, you’ll have to accept that 2,000 years ago, lived a homeless man named Jesus, walking around preaching revolutionary ideas, without any possessions besides what he could carry in his hands.

Jesus also had a child outside of marriage, probably with a prostitute, and he was a spiritual and religiously inspired leader, in a society where sex outside of marriage was punished with capital punishment. He chased around preachers and other religious leaders inside of their own temple with a whip, and he told them they were sinners and that they should repent – Even though he had no more than at the most some 10-15 followers, all of whom were more or less non-violent, and wouldn’t raise a hand to actually protect Jesus if he should ever need it.

Jesus also knew his best friend Judas would betray him, and encouraged it in fact, and made Judas report him to the authorities, realising he himself would be crucified.

Jesus was highly likely what we would today clinically categorise as “bat ship crazy”.

However, during the next 2,000 years, others would worship him as God in the flesh, proclaim he was living in celibacy, that he was the product of Virgin Birth, and that he could walk on water and turn water into wine. Even though he himself consistently referred to himself as the “Son of Man”, and refused to repeat the lies others were telling about him. Still, for 2,000 years, billions of people worshipped him as God in the flesh, and even his enemies, even today, are arguably preaching his gospel, by spending large parts of their lives, trying to refute the lies surrounding Jesus – And in doing so, arguably preaches the gospel of their “enemy”. In addition, besides from a couple of days at Golgotha, he had a pretty cool life, partying with the coolest guys, as if there was no tomorrow, and he never feared anything. So, who’s crazy now? Do me a favour please; The next time somebody tells you that you are crazy, answer them the following.

Yup, I am bat shit crazy, but not nearly as crazy as Jesus. But at least I try … 😉


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