New Speak 101

New Speak is the ability to create new words to describe old things. Basically, the ability to package the same old shit in a brand new wrapping. Probably one of the most famously known innovators in regards to this is the guy responsible for George Bush junior’s Presidential campaign. He realised that people would never accept the idea of “drilling for oil”, so instead he advised the President to use the sentence “Energy exploration”.

The idea was that energy is an emotionally positive word, and so was exploration – While both drilling and oil were negative words. This allowed Bush to completely eliminate the whole environmental arguments during his campaign, and turn it into a “non issue”, which was impossible to debate. Simply because nobody can complain against “energy exploration”. It would be politically the equivalent of stating “I kill kittens”. This allowed Bush to control what subjects were being brought to the surface during his Presidential campaign, and have all the subjects he didn’t want to surface become completely suppressed in the public debates.

Many people participate in creating New Speak words, often sometimes without realising it, and sometime scrupulously to accomplish some evil goals.

Ask yourself, what is the person really saying? What do you believe his goals are? And what is his real feelings about the subject? Simply put, because if Ted Bundy were to state that he intends to “help women in need”, he probably doesn’t imply what his words are telling you.


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