I’ve been to prison

Sorry, it’s the elephant in the room, and I might as well point it out, since everybody else are doing so anyway, and I happen to live in a country where “everybody knows everybody”. So yup, I’ve been to prison. Depending upon “which source” you read, I have been to prison for 6-9 months. I am not proud about it, and I am not ashamed about it, it just is what it is. Still today, I feel I didn’t do anything wrong, and I will proclaim my innocence to the day I die. But so will most other former inmates too I presume, so I’ll tell you what I was convicted for, and let you make up your own mind.

I went to prison because of my YouTube channel. Obviously, that wasn’t a crime per se, but (apparently) the things I said on my YouTube channel was a crime. So let’s look at one of my videos. Below you can see me interviewing a former prostitute, explaining her experience at a brothel with the Norwegian Minister of Fish; Svein Ludvigsen.

2 years later, the guy was arrested, charged for having raped an additional 3 (male) victims. Before he was arrested, I was (of course) arrested several times, and also had a couple failed assassination attempts conducted towards me and my girlfriend, and had to spend some additional days in prison for having sent the above video to the Minister of Justice in Norway; Anders Anundsen – Which some few weeks later chose to resign from his cabinet position in the Norwegian Government may I add.

8th of June 2019, Ludvigsen’s trial starts, and he’s probably getting somewhere between 7-12 years of prison time. Now of course, for the record, the above video wasn’t the video I was arrested for, or charged for. What I was arrested for, and did jail time for, can be seen below.

The above video was what got things started, and I spent 6 months in prison due to the above video. Of course, the way the process was conducted, was that the video was first censored by YouTube, for then to have Norwegian Media tell the public “what the video contained”. Even my district attorney, the guy who charged me, said when I was finally released the following to me.

“It didn’t matter if you were guilty or not, as long as the Norwegian people *believed* you were guilty”

Not sure how to really comment on that, so I’ll let it stay as it is. So anyway, now you know, the “short story”. I’ve been to prison for speech crimes. And also (of course), there are “several different versions” of why I went to prison. However, you can read the verdict for yourself if you don’t believe me, since it’s public information anyway, and the verdict proves that the second video above is actually what I was initially arrested for, and what I was sentenced to prison over.

No need to comment here for the record. I won’t accept your comment. I might read it, if you want to support me, and give me some nice words – But I will not “debate this issue” in any way, sorry. And I won’t talk anymore about it either. I am tired of talking about it to be honest with you.

But if you ask me if I have been to prison, I will answer; “Yes!” (exclamation mark) – “Interpret” it as you wish …


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