The higher moral ground

A human being taking the higher moral ground becomes invincible. We see this countless times throughout our common history. My favourite example of course is Jesus who they couldn’t kill regardless of how hard they tried. But there are thousands of others showing us the same thing. I once heard a Jewish Rabbi say “Him who doesn’t know the flood of sins is happening today, all over the world, is amongst those drowning”. Which is an analogy for looking at things I particularly enjoy, since it makes the “higher moral ground” become a rock you can climb unto, above the flood of sins, to save you from drowning.

So what is the “higher moral ground” then?

Well, for me it’s all about freedom of choice. Having consciously chosen to be an anarchist, freedom of choice for me personally is my guiding light in the dark waters that constitutes the flood. I don’t believe I have the right, or moral obligation either, to force my will unto others. Giving everybody else such freedoms, allows me to also demand the same thing back from the world. Having freedom of choice though, doesn’t imply that I can do everything; Quite the contrary. For me personally, it is kind of like a “test”. Given the choices of using drugs or not using drugs, buying sex from prostitutes or being faithful to your wife, driving irresponsible in traffic or trying to be a responsible citizen – What would you choose? I try to as much as possible choose whatever makes me feel that I am a responsible citizen, whom most others can count on. I don’t always succeed may I add, sometimes I make mistakes myself, that I afterwards are not particularly proud of – But at least I try. Maybe it’s my belief in divine justice that turned me out this way?

A lot of people might read my blogs and think that I’m an asshole. For instance, it’s easy to perceive my beliefs around Jesus as blasphemy. However, I adore the bugger. I simply look at him through a human’s eyes instead of trying to turn him into something nobody can reach, a being of perfection, that probably never existed in the first place any ways. That makes him more human to me, and more easily reached for others, turning him into something tangible we all can strive to become like. Is that blasphemy?

For me, that is my higher moral ground. Maybe I’m wrong, it doesn’t matter, at least I am honest about it. For me that is the truth, my higher moral ground that saves me from drowning. What’s yours? And if you have none, that’s also perfectly fine with me too, since in my book, the freedom of choice is the axiom I evolve around, that allows me to (safely) keep my higher moral grounds dry …


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