What it means for me to be an Anarchist

Norwegians all over the world are celebrating freedom from the Nazis in 1945 today. Sure, our national day started earlier, but it was never really made popular before independence in 1945. The 17th of May has become a symbol for us of freedom from oppressors due to this. As I have previously written, anarchy means “without leader”. Being an anarchist for me, is to acknowledge that everybody has the right to live without a “fuhrer”. This doesn’t mean I have the right to break the law, quite the contrary, breaking the law all the time, makes life very difficult, and hence would be “impractical”.

However, it means that if I am given two choices, where one of those choices is to make somebody suffer by obeying the law, and the other choice is to break the law to prevent others from suffering, I would choose the latter. The Nazis are my favourite example of this, since the law in Norway from 1940 to 1945, was that you had a duty to snitch on jews, such that the Nazi leadership could send them to Auschwitz. Given the choice of snitching on a Jew, or breaking the law to save a Jew from the gas chambers, I like to believe that both myself, and most of my friends and readers would choose the same as I do, which would be to break the law

THAT is what it means to be an Anarchist for me 🙂

Happy 17th of May, and Independence Day, where ever you are in the world …

Do not follow your government, follow your Heart!


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