Faith removal

Resurrecting faith worldwide – ALL faiths! In the interest of Anarchy!

Almost 100 years ago, Stalin realised that if he could remove faith in God from people’s hearts and minds, they would naturally “suck in” whatever belief he provided them with as an alternative. It’s almost as if the human brain is hard wired to believe in some outer saviour. Hence, to make his citizens believe in the government as their God, he first had to remove faith in the spiritual God.

If you compare the differences between 3 of the largest empires in modern history; US, USSR and the Third Reich, anybody with an adequately equipped brain, will easily notice how the government’s power equals the exact opposite of the people’s faith in the spiritual God. Both the USSR and the Third Reich had little or no room for God, and their government’s powers spiralled completely out of control. While in the USA, God has a relatively strong presence, and hence the US Government is as a consequence much smaller, and has less control over the individual’s life.

Hence, if we are ever to be able to successfully apply Anarchy as a “political system” in the world, we are purely logically completely dependent upon also implementing absolute belief in God, some way. Exactly what God people believe in, is less important, as long as they have an absolute belief in some outer entity, larger than themselves. Simply because this belief makes the individual resilient towards abuse from evil governments, and mind control applied by their propaganda machinery.

Hence, if you’re a true Anarchist, you’re arguably required to also allow for all faiths to exists, and not only exist, but also encourage them, and help them grow, any ways you can – Assuming they’re not based upon “killing all infidels” of course. Which would be completely incompatible with the Anarchist idea. So I say to thee; “Go out in the world, and preach the Gospel of God, whatever Gospel you wish” – Since it’s the only way to ensure your government grows smaller 🙂


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