God bless the King, but not our Prime Minister

Our amazing Norwegian King

To officially support a King, might sound like an oxymoron for a self-proclaimed anarchist. In order to understand why, you must realise something about the Norwegian King though. The Norwegian King is first of all not a Norwegian, he is a 3rd generation immigrant from Denmark, where he was “adopted” from the Danish royal family. The Norwegian king also has absolutely no power at all. In fact, he is not even legally allowed to publicly raise a political opinion according to our constitution. Hence, he is purely a symbol, nothing more.

People need such symbols of unity to gather around. We also need somebody that can travel the world, and be an ambassador of Norway. Preferably somebody who have been raised since birth and trained for that task. What we do not need though, is governments, and individuals having powers over others. Hence, I therefor absolutely adore the Norwegian King, and the entire Monarchy of Norway may I add, including Princess Martha. Our government though, I hold no blessings at all for, unless they want to be re-educated, to become teachers or bus drivers or something.

Besides, what are the alternatives to Monarchy? Well, that’s a republic, with a President. Basically some idiot with billions of dollars, able to purchase an election one way or another, or to trick more than 50% of the sheeptards to support him during Election Day by manipulating media. Afterwards he’ll be effectively a tyrant for some 4-8 years. Don’t like the idea of Russia meddling with elections? Get rid of elections then! Get a King, but give him ZERO power, and simply turn him into a symbol of unity, like the Norwegian King! Then let the rest be governed by the people themselves through the means of Anarchy!

God Bless King Harald and his entire family, including Princess Martha, but don’t bless Erna Solberg please, or anybody else in our government!


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