Hiding your emotions

“Him who is without sin can cast the first stone!”

We are taught to suppress our anger, publicly display our love, and openly talk about our problems. 50 years ago, this strategy might have had some logic behind it. However, in today’s connected world with social media, implying everybody can read what you communicate – This strategy simply doesn’t work. I would like to encourage you to do the exact opposite in fact – At least in public, or in social media to be explicit, if you choose to have a presence there. So let’s hear the arguments …

First of all, you cannot please everybody. Somebody will simply hate you regardless of what you do, think, or feel. It’s just a fact. 50 years ago this wasn’t much of a problem, since you’d simply avoid those who hated you. Today avoiding them is harder, because they’re reading your social profile, and as they do, they are jealous of you if you’re having a blast, and they thrive in your despair. Hence, they’ll often do whatever they can to destroy your happiness, and increase your feeling of despair. A drowning man will always drag down those above him, it’s really that simple. And even blocking them in your profile rarely helps, because others will send them screenshots of what you are saying, for whatever reasons they have for doing such a thing.

Pretending you are miserable doesn’t help much either, because it feeds the haters, and gives them a feeling of accomplishing what they want to do, which will make them increase their efforts in tearing you down. And you can forget about empathy. If another person has truly started hating you, no amount of suffering will ever make him stop hurting you. Hiding your misery and pretending to have a perfect life, doesn’t help much either, because this will only make them more jealous, and further inspire them to tear your down, such that they can achieve their perverted idea of “justice”.

Nope, the only thing that helps, is to completely hide both your positive feelings, and your sadness in public, at least in social media. And if called upon to display an emotion, exclusively illustrate anger, if anything. This will make the haters believe that you too are filled with hate, and have a miserable life, and such leave you alone, while the exact opposite is true in fact. Then behind closed doors, with no cameras on, you can show who you really are, which is just a really nice and cozy little fella, wanting nothing but happiness for yourself and your friends, while helping those stretching out their hands towards you.

Hide your ❤


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