Jesus, an Anarchist

Have you met Jesus, our Saviour, the Christ?

When you shave away all the obvious rubbish from the Bible and Jesus, such as virgin birth, resurrection, and divinity – You’re left with a pretty awesome man. A man never willing to “pass the buck”, with a fundamentalistic belief in good, in addition to an infectious faith. At the core, you find a man completely unwilling to bend down in front of governments and other men, regardless of what titles or names they held. Politically, we refer to such people today as anarchists.

In fact, most religious organisations have started out their existence in these directions. Few people knows this, but even Mormonism in its early days were arguably a revolutionary movement, based upon the idea that we don’t need governments. Early mormons had their own schools, monetary system, and everything we normally today associate with “society’s responsibilities”. And most of these movements, at least in their early days, have some sort of “flat hierarchy” at their core. Later of course, many of these organisations are infected by dangerous individuals, resulting in that they become cults, ruled by a single individual, and/or a small body of individuals, resulting in abuse of power. The pope himself being the primary example of this I presume.

However, if you ignore 2,000 years of atrocities in Jesus name, you ignore all the obvious lies surrounding Jesus, often told for altruistic reasons may I add, and you avoid the temptation of blaming Jesus for the sins of the crusaders and the conquistadors – You’re left with a 100% pure anarchist, amazingly cool dude, whom BTW probably had a child with a former prostitute.

But try to tell that to your congregation or preacher. Or your local Mormon church for that matter … 😉


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