The Biblical proof of that your Government is Satan

And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free!

As an Anarchist, you will need an argument for every possible scenario. Preferably your arguments should also be constructed such that they resonate with the hearts and minds of those you speak with, and also be of “broad character”. An argument resonating with the existing belief systems of 4 billion people, are for obvious reasons a better argument than an argument that only two people can resonate with. Hence, studying religions and faiths, to construct resonating arguments related to God, and religious scriptures, becomes paramount in your preaching of Anarchy.

In my blogs here, I will hence help you, by giving you arguments that are as broad as possible, allowing you to create neuro linguistic rapport, with as many others as possible. Today I will use the Bible to prove that your government is Satan.

Do me a favour, go ask your neighbour the following; “Who are in control in this country?” – Chances are that he’ll answer “My government”. Then realise that the Bible explicitly says that “Satan controls the Earth”. In fact, Satan according to the Gospels, promised Jesus the entire world, if he would just fall down in front of him, only once. How could Satan give Jesus such a promise, if he wasn’t the one in control over the world? According to the Bible, the prime minister of Norway, possibly the most “gullible government on the planet”, is literally a demon from hell, placed there by the Devil, to rule that part of the Devil’s possessions, in the name of Satan. These are not my words, they’re the words of the Bible for the record. I am simply reciting them as they are.

Almost all religions contains similar mental “hacks”, arguably proving that “the one in control of everything is Satan”. As the recipient of your argument logically reasons around it, and accepts it, he or she will slowly stop believing in the government, assuming the argument creates cognitive resonans with his or her existing belief system. And in order to successfully implement Anarchy, you will need to break down the belief in your government, amongst all those whom for some silly reasons happens to believe in their governments, such that they can stop believing in it. Anarchy is not the belief in a “better government”, it is the complete lack of belief in ANY government. And the smaller the government is, the better it is.

The best government, is the one that doesn’t exist!


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