Could you risk prosecution for your war crimes?

Unfortunately, most people don’t think about the consequences of their actions, before they realise they might risk being punished. Heinrich Himler for instance, tried his best to become friends with the allies at the end of the war, without succeeding may I add. Hence, a natural question therefor becomes; Could you risk being punished for your crimes? Crimes here of course refers to paying tax to a European nation, such as Norway for instance. Well, let’s study the argument, and try to extrapolate current events into the future, to calculate the risk of that you might end up having to face your own Nurnberg trials.

Today immigrants are pouring into Europe as a flood wave. Most of these immigrants are having some 3-5 times as many children, as the average Norwegian. In Sweden, this implies that within the year of 2025, there will be a Muslim majority of voters, probably resulting in a Muslim government I assume. Most of these immigrants, comes from countries that Europe and its citizens have literally bombed the shit out of. Completely ignoring whether or not this is a good thing, but simply trying to predict the future, a plausible future is that as these third world citizens grasps power over Norway, and other European nations – They will probably seek justice for previous events, such as Tripoli, Baghdad, and other cities and countries your tax money has bombed the shit out of. A justice well deserved too may I add.

In Sweden the democratic majority will be held by people coming from countries Europe and NATO has bombed to pieces in 2025. In Norway, France, Britain etc, some 10-20 years later. I stopped paying tax to the Norwegian government in 2009, as I realised what a bunch of criminals my government were, and I never paid as much as a single dime to the government of Norway after that. I also spent every single opportunity I had to inform the population of Norway what a bunch of mafiosos and war criminals the government of Norway was. Hence, arguably, I have no sin in these regards, and I will also not speak up on your behalf as the war trials begins, simply because ignorance is also a fundamental human right in my book. Besides, why should I speak out on behalf of those who did not speak out on my behalf?

If you are the average Norwegian citizen though, chances are you have not done what I have done – And as the democratic majority becomes Islamic, it is highly likely that the democratic majority of Norway will do its best to apply justice to all those who participated in the genocides in Tripoli, Baghdad, Afghanistan, etc. This implies that every single tax payer in Norway, arguably risks being trialed and prosecuted for war crimes against the people from the Middle East, which of course according to Islamic laws, implies capital punishment. Of course, as for me, being an outspoken Anarchist, capital punishment is not something I particularly much enjoy, or want to preach in any ways – However, my voice in these regards will be relatively “mute”, as 51% of the Norwegian population heads to the streets, shouting “Justice, Justice, Justice!” – Looking for some bugger to hang from the trees, simply for having been on the “wrong side of history”.

So yes, there is a very high risk of that you purely mathematically risk being punished, not even for participating, but arguably in fact only by choosing to closing your eyes to the crimes done in your name, by your government, towards your brothers and sisters, in third world countries all over the world, subsidised by your tax money.

Simply by having paid tax to Norway, makes you risk capital punishment in the near future

Because your tax money paid for the bombs that turned Tripoli into dust!


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