Democracy justifies slavery, genocide, and war crimes

Jens Stoltenberg, the largest war criminal in contemporary history

Sometimes I refine my thoughts, and create better arguments. This is such a blog, where I have squeezed the truth, to make it more easily available and understandable. Hence, it’s repeating an argument I have put forth before, which is that Democracy justifies slavery and genocide. Let me explain.

Democracy is the belief in that the majority has the right to rule the minority. If the majority wants a law saying that kittens should be strangled, this would become the law. If you find my example absurd, realise that such things have previously happened. Adolf Hitler was democratically elected, and at the peak of his popularity, he held 47% of the votes in Germany. Later he had more than 50% of the votes, which we know due to research conducted in this area – But at that time he had successfully managed to abolish elections, and turned himself into “Der Fuhrer”. However, Hitler was democratically elected, through democratic means, using the majority vote as a justification for the Holocaust – And nothing can ever hide that fact.

If you find Hitler to be an extreme example, please realise that there exists much more contemporary examples of the exact same thing. This is not some “distant past problem”, this is a contemporary problem, we still have today. The image on this blog for instance, shows Jens Stoltenberg, who is a war criminal, guilty of genocide and mass murder.

Divine Law

Facts are, we do not need laws or governments, because there exists “divine laws”, that everybody can easily agree upon – Assuming they’re not caught up in the temporary psychotic belief of majority rule, which arguably is the equivalent of lynching. And this divine law is as follows.

Do not push your will unto others

If you appeal to an individual’s higher self, and explain the above sentence, then all will agree with that such a law is good, and also enough for us to coexist with each others, and create better societies. It’s basically the golden rule from the Bible more or less, and it is impossible to argue against. The above law implies that anyone can voluntarily submit their freedom, to anyone they wish, but they cannot submit other people’s freedoms, regardless of how many votes their candidate gets. Submitting another person’s freedom is stealing his future.

Anyone are free to give away their possessions to anyone they wish. The accumulating of possessions, is the gathering of wealth, and most agree upon that gathering things for the future is a good thing – Hence, most of us do it one way or another. Anyone can voluntarily give away that which they own themselves, but nobody can give away that which other people owns. Giving away that which other owns without consent, is stealing the persons past.

Anyone are free to kill themselves if they wish, but nobody are free to kill another man or woman, unless consent has been given of course. Killing another person, is stealing his life. Every time you are forcing your will unto somebody else, you are stealing something from that person, and you are justifying genocide and slavery.

Paying tax is (probably) illegal and immoral

Following the above argument to its conclusion, implies that you are free to pay tax if you wish, but you are not free to coerce others into paying tax, unless they want to pay tax. Because doing such a thing is theft. However, paying tax to a government who are conducting war crimes, is the equivalent of participating yourself in these war crimes, since it creates justification for said war crimes, and it allows your government to accumulate the resources it needs to continue these war crimes. Hence, paying tax to a government that has a military presence in another country, where that other country has not asked for military aid, is by itself a crime.

The “liberation” of Libya, and how it actually looked like

In 2011 the Norwegian government murdered 250,000 innocent women and children in Libya. For the record, at that time, I had long since stopped paying tax to Norway, but that’s another story. Everybody who voted for Jens Stoltenberg, did not raise their concerns about his actions, and also paid tax to the Norwegian Government during this period, are hence guilty of war crimes and genocide. After the Libyan war of course, we know that Stoltenberg only murdered these innocent people to get the job as the Director of NATO. Research into the events that led to this war has clearly proven this to be a fact.

This purely logically leads us to that paying tax to the Norwegian Government is illegal, according to any measure, of any law, we have collectively created for the last 50 years or so. Paying tax to Norway, is making yourself guilty of war crimes and genocide. If Stoltenberg lived during the 1940s, he would probably have had to face the Nurnberg trials, sitting next to Herman Goering and other mass murderers. Fortunately for Stoltenberg, he lived in an era where access to truth was almost non-existent, and he was friends with the largest war criminals on the planet, the American government of course that is. So instead of being charged in the Nurnberg trials, he was rewarded with the position as the director of NATO. Kind of the same way Heinrich Himler was rewarded with the position as the leader of the SS due to his crimes against Jews.

What can you do?

The above history lesson is difficult for most to accept, and it’s easy to simply give up, realising the “most gullible nation on the planet is a war criminal”. However, you do not have to participate in these war crimes yourself. First of all, never join the military in a country that has a military presence in another country. Secondly, do not pay tax to a country that has a military presence in another country. Nobody has the right to force you into becoming a war criminal, and by paying tax to a country such as Norway, you are becoming guilty of genocide and war crimes.

For the record, Jens Stoltenberg is merely an example here. There are war criminals in almost every nation on the planet, minus some few exceptions such as Cyprus – Which is why I have chosen to live in Cyprus, since as a citizen of Cyprus, I don’t have to pay tax to a country with a military presence in any other nation but themselves. If you live in Britain, US, France, Norway, Italy, or literally any other nation in Europe, and you are paying tax to your government, you are a war criminal, and you should stop participating in genocide, by simply avoid paying tax to your government.

Your government cannot coerce you or force you into paying tax, to such justify slavery, genocide, and war crimes

Nobody can force you into pulling the trigger on your next of kind, and by paying tax to your government, you are (probably) pulling the trigger on your neighbour, making yourself guilty of murder in the process.

Norwegian Eugenics

If you find the above example absurd, realise that the Norwegian government also forcibly sterilised Sami people until the 1980s. This was conducted by the same government that Jens Stoltenberg belonged to. The argument was the same arguments Hitler used to gas the Jews, which was that “Sami people were genetically inferior, and hence had no right to exist”. Paying tax to Norway, makes you guilty of genocide, war crimes, and slavery.

Are these “genetically inferior” human beings?


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