How fascist Europe lost World War III

Meet your prime minister, or your president, if you live in the US or Europe …

The observant reader might be a bit surprised by the header of this article. First of all, you have probably only heard about 2 world wars – Hence, the idea of that World War III has been fought, and is soon is to be lost, might puzzle you a bit. However, realise that few Germans had any idea about any “world war” before the end of 1944. Most Germans were partying and celebrating their freedoms until the late 1944, and had no ideas of the atrocities, the German army, and the SS were performing in their name. This was of course only made possible due to the propaganda machinery Nazi Germany had created under Joseph Goebbels, which prohibited any “unwanted information” to reach the masses. To most Germans, Hitler was simply a “liberator of the Russian people”. It was not before the Red Army marched into Germany and Berlin, pillaged, looted, and raped everything that moved, and demolished everything that was tied to the ground – That Germans in general got the feeling of that they were in a “war of some sort”. Before this most Germans had no idea they were fighting a world war. This of course, was by design, and only made possible through controlling what the people could read and hear – AKA; Propaganda!

Do me a favour please; Open up the 5 most popular news media outlets in whatever European country you live in, and compare the news articles on the front page of these media outlets. I am 100% positively certain about that you will notice how they write exclusively about the same things. This is because of that the narrative created and distributed to the media, is explicitly created to prevent “unwanted information” to reach you. And with “unwanted information”, I am implying such facts, such that the USA and her allies; Europe and NATO, has murder roughly 25 million people since the 1950s. For the record, this is more than twice as many people Hitler gassed in the gas chambers. This narrative is architected and created by your government’s propaganda ministry, which of course is “not supposed to exist” – But you can clearly see it for yourself, by simply comparing what news your 5 most popular news media outlets are writing about, at any given day, in any given European country or US state. So Europe and the US are clearly fascist states, built upon the ideas of “manufacturing consent”.

The second surprise in the header of this blog, might be “3rd world war? I thought there was only 2?” Well, let me enlighten you; 3rd world war was started already back in the 1950s, when the European and the “American Industrial War Complex” realised they could but fuck the entire Middle East, and Latin America, steal all their oil, and other natural resources, to increase greedy individual’s personal bank accounts. And by combining this with the corruption of the media, they could do it in complete darkness, without the population of Europe or the US even having the slightest idea of that this was even occurring. And every time some media outlet wrote about these wars, it was always under the pretext of that “Europe and the United States are liberating those poor souls, and helping them create democracy”. The exact same arguments Hitler and Goebbels used during world war II to justify the murdering of millions of Russians.

The third surprise is as follows; “Over? Is it over? And did we loose?”

Yup, sorry! And Europe lost, together with the United States! At the core of this architecture, is the “consent of the majority”, or that the majority rules over the minority – AKA; Democracy! This war machinery is only made possible as long as the majority vote creates consent among the majority to continue it. However, all over Europe, we are seeing the end of this consent, since more and more European countries are rapidly reaching the point were “the majority”, are people who have fled from these wars, to seek refugee in the only place they knew they could find refugee; Europe! And as more than 50% of the European vote are no longer ethnic Europeans, but rather previous citizens of Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc – It arguably becomes impossible to sustain this war machinery, at least in its present state, and “weird things will probably happen”.

If you find my argument difficult to believe, realise that it’s not my argument. In fact it is former President Eisenhower’s argument. You can see the argument yourself in the following video.

Now exactly what will happen after Europe loose the war, is difficult to predict, but Einstein said the following about it …

I don’t know how World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones …

And arguably, there is some sort of justice in that observation …

To illustrate the dilemma, imagine some fundamentalistic Muslim dude, being elected into Presidency of Great Britain or France, using Democratic means – Resulting in that the bugger literally ends up with the finger on the trigger of the intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles of these nations. Then imagine the dude grew up in Baghdad in the mid 1990s – And you might “get the idea”

I think Frank Zappa wrote a song about it ones in fact …


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