How many votes would you need to become my President?

If you made 10 billion people vote for you as the President, but you did not manage to make me vote for you, you would not be my president. Denying this, is accepting slavery. Let me elaborate with some history lessons. Hitler had the 47% of the votes during the last elections before he was made dictator and abandoned elections – But polls taken a couple of years later, showed he probably had more than 50% of the German population behind him at the peak of his popularity. This implies that slavery, and the Holocaust, was democratically installed in Germany. Hence, the belief in that the democratic majority has the right to rule the democratic minority, becomes the acceptance of slavery and the Holocaust. Democracy is the acceptance of slavery and genocide by the very definition of the term.

The answer to the question in the header of the blog is actually ONE VOTE! In fact, you only need ONE vote to become my president, but that needs to be a very special vote. In fact it’s the ONLY vote that can possibly make you my president too, and that is MY vote. But simply because you are my President, does not imply you are everybody else’s President. And regardless of how many people voted you into office, you can never become the president of those that didn’t vote you into office.

The logical result of this, becomes that the only way you can safely ensure that nobody is given the moral right and justification for making you a slave, is by never giving that vote, regardless of who asks for it.

Believing in the democratic majority’s right to rule, is the acceptance of Holocaust


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