An example of Black Magic

How a Satanic ritual is performed

Unfortunately I cannot show you Black Magic, not even in the interest of teaching you how to defend against it – Since that would be immoral, and I would risk hurting somebody. However, I can illustrate how it is being done, by showing you ganning, in such a way that I have “painted it white” first. Realise, that the following video, is based upon faith in the psyche of the spell caster first and foremost. Then secondly faith in the receiving end, or lack thereof for that matter. Which is all I can teach you about the subject, without violating a whole range of spiritual laws, and possibly also secular laws too, in a whole range of different countries on the planet. The video also illustrates “psychic power”, which is the absolute knowledge about that something will occur, without a shred of doubt in your mind.

Then imagine you’re beep bopping’ around in North Norway some 200 years ago, and you happen to molest a Sami child or a young Sami girl while being drunk on moonshine, and the local Shaman is summoned to “deal with you”, in the interest of securing his own people. Then add some Shamanistic drums, a couple of hundreds of villagers in ecstacy, dancing around the camp fire naked under the full moon – As you are tied to a stick at the center of their attention, while they’re chanting on a foreign tongue. Either you would completely loose your sanity, or you’d literally drop dead within a week or two. I am pretty sure I can guarantee you that much.

I want to emphasise, that the following video is not dangerous to watch, but if you watch it with head phones, in a quiet room, and imagine me uttering a different configuration of words than that which I actually do – You could probably get the picture … 😉

Luckily for you, extremely few people alive today has my amount of convictions, and my amount of psychic powers. However, I am probably not the only one out there alive today with this amount of psychic powers. Hence, be careful about who you insult and treat like garbage – Because once you see a true Magician’s eyes turn black, it is often the last thing you see in this world – And not everybody of my “caliber” have the same amount of self control as I am able to exercise …

A final word of warning; STAY AWAY FROM BLACK MAGIC! It almost always back fires unto the spell caster eventually. Black Magic is to enslave demons, and few people are able to enslave demons, without turning into a demon themselves – Which also arguably illustrates your “future home”

Besides, if you meet a Mirror Magic practitioner, it’s the end of the line for you, and “bye bye” … 😉


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