Chaos Magic 101

I am a practitioner of Magic. Exactly what that implies, you’ll have to simply wait to understand, since I intend to play a Magic trick on you – However, amongst my Magic tricks, is the revealing of other people’s Magic, for reasons you will understand as we proceed in this series of blog posts related to Magic. Hence, I will write a series of articles related to Magic, where I teach you all the Magic tricks I have learned over the years. But first things first.

Magic is neither good nor bad, it is simply a tool, like everything else in this world. A car can be used as a murder weapon, and it can be used as an ambulance – So too with Magic. However, due to the powers it (Magic) yields to those who are practicing it, it has been conspicuously hidden and made unavailable to the masses, both by making it unavailable for the masses to read about, and by making the population at large fear it, by playing upon their superstition and fear of the unknown – Which arguably by itself is the greatest Magic trick ever created. This has allowed some few people to keep “all the Magic for themselves”, and such consolidated all power unto a few evil hands. Some types of Magic are “evil”, or “black” arguably – While other types of Magic are “white” or “good”. This article is about the darkest type of Magic that exists; Chaos Magic!

Chaos Magic is the most evil category of Magic that exists, and I wouldn’t touch it even if you pulled a gun to my head. It is arguably the foundation for Free Masonry, which you can see in their slogan that says “Order through Chaos”. What this means, is that if you apply chaos to the world, people will “seek out order in fear of the chaos they experience in their lives”. When experiencing chaos in their world, the masses will request aid from strong individuals, and strong leaders, and such submit their freedoms, in return for a false feeling of security. The primary example of this of course is the burning of the Reichstag done by Adolf Hitler and his henchmen in the 1930s, which is a well documented “false flag” operation – But there exists many more similar historical events, such as the origins of the Vietnam War in the Gulf of Tonkin.

When you allow for chaos to occur, this will frighten people in whatever country you live in – And as they are frightened, they will seek out a strong leader, and/or organisation, allowing them to experience a (false) feeling of security. Most governments performs this type of Magic, and it is more commonly referred to as “false flag operations”, since they are based upon creating some sort of terrible event, under a “false flag”. For instance, when Hitler wanted to invade Poland, he created such a false flag operation, where he terrorised a German city, and made people believe that the Polish army was to blame. This created consent for invading Poland, due to that the German people wanting revenge.

Chaos magic is the appliance of chaos, to have people’s hearts and minds gravitate towards a dictator and tyrant

However, Chaos Magic’s weak point, is that it always requires sacrificing one or more your friends, since you cannot have a false flag operation, without a victim, that ideologically belongs to “your side” of the conflict. This implies that it also weakens the internal order within the group, since it scares the living crap of those who knows about the true nature of what is happening, tempting them to “switch sides” in fear of being sacrificed themselves.

When you know what you are looking at, it is no longer unknown, and you have no reasons to fear it

Chaos Magic has historically been falsely associated with Anarchy, by playing upon people’s lack of knowledge and superstition, to make people fear Anarchy. However, the truth is, that Chaos Magic is the primary tool to prevent Anarchy, since it allows your leaders to make the herd gravitate towards a tyrant, and “demand order”. Whenever you see chaos occur in the world, ask yourself the following question; Who benefits?

That’s all you need to know to combat Chaos Magic, since it allows you to see the evil wizards behind the curtain, whom are actually to blame for the chaos facilitated for – Instead of being forced to believe the lies of those practicing it.


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