Charm Magic 101

Charm Magic is similar to Sex Magic, but due to its much weaker effect, not that harmful in general terms. It is being used by most people on the planet, arguably every single day, since it implies sharing a smile, and some curtesy phrases, such as “Good Morning” and “Good Afternoon”. It creates a positive environment, and takes the “edge” off from situations, that could otherwise be unpleasent. Of course, also this type of Magic is sometimes misused, but due to its weak effect, this abuse rarely have any practical consequences. An example of such abuse of Charm Magic, was the trial against Ted Bundy, where Mr. Bundy tried his best to charm the judge and the jury, to release him, and make them believe he was innocent. His only result, was arguably that the judge apologised for having to sentence him to capital punishment – So obviously it didn’t work very well for Mr. Bundy, even though Mr. Bundy was a master practitioner of Charms.

However, utilised by a scrupulous individual, it can very effectively be misused to “hide” and go under the radar, to allow the individual to perform extreme atrocities, without raising suspicions towards himself at all. When such people are exposed, the reaction of the society around them are often “I am shocked! I can’t believe he did that! He was always such a nice and polite guy!” – Well, most monsters are very good at hiding in plain sight, and all those whom are hiding, are effectively using some version of Charm Magic to hide themselves. This removes all suspicion from them, and also often allows them to put forth false allegations towards others, because of the credibility that the Charm spell creates for the successful practitioner – But it is not exclusively bad, and can also be utilised to simply create a more comfortable environment, with less friction, and less hostility.

Except when used by a sociopath to hide his true nature, it is for the most parts innocent, and often successfully applied by the “elders in your societies”, to smoothen over conflicts, to reduce friction and hostility. It also goes by a different and more commonly known name, which is simply “wisdom” – When applied by a person with good intentions …


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