Ganning, or Gypsy Magic

“Ganning” is the Norwegian name for a Magic traditionally performed by the Sami people of North Norway. It is also commonly referred to as “Gypsy Magic”, or “a Curse”. Ganning is the ability to say something out loud, chemically cleansed of fear, with such strong convictions of that it will occur – That it occurs as a result of your words. The Sami people used it in self defence against prejudice and racism amongst the rest of the Norwegian population for hundreds of years for these reasons. This resulted in that they would be mostly left alone, and only occasionally had to have their “Veiviser” (Sami Shaman) create an example, by cursing some individual, to have other people leave them alone. Normally they would not inflict death upon the recipient though, but simply make the recipient experience something truly bad, to scare the “living shit out of the recipient”, to prevent future acts of racism towards themselves.

Ganning was illegal in Norway for hundreds of years, and I suspect it is still technically illegal today – Even though science doesn’t acknowledge its existence, and hence the court system has no argument that could be applied to create a verdict against an individual for having performed this ancient type of Magic. Which is weird, since it’s one of few types of “esoteric Magic” that can arguably be scientifically proven, by simply pointing at Nocebo, and argue that the acceptance of that Nocebo is real in the scientific community, becomes the acceptance of that Ganning is also real. In fact, ganning has a scientific success ratio of 25%, depending upon how open the recipient is towards that what you say is the truth or not.

Explained with other words; If I managed to convince about that you would die in the near future, you would have a 25% statistical probability of literally dropping dead in the near future. This is scientifically proven for the record. For these reasons, I wasn’t sure about whether or not I should actually write about ganning, since arguably I am giving you a tool, with the potential to kill a person – And get away clean – But, since I also realise few “non worthy” practitioners are able to show such convictions necessary to plant such a seed as ganning requires, I chose to include it. Besides, by explaining its mechanisms, I also arguably “vaccinate” you towards its effects.

Ganning was in the mid 20th century popularised by “Chaos Magick”, which is not the same as Chaos Magic may I add. Which is another reasons for me wanting to teach it to you, to prevent other (vicious and evil) practitioners succeeding in making you believe in the curse they are throwing out at you.

You see, it’s really quite simple to resist, once you realise that it can only successfully be applied towards a human who believes in it! Hence, just tell the practitioner of ganning the following if he or she tries to curse you.

You have no power over my mind, my heart, or my soul

Preferably as you laugh at his attempt, and it’ll fizzle and have no effect on you. And since the Sami people of North Norway no longer needs such self defence mechanisms, I see no reasons not to explain it. You see, I have a lot of Sami blood in me, which of course is why I know such much about Magic in the first place. Hence, I shall end this blog with a positive version of Ganning, which is as follows …

Now go pay tribute to my people please, for having allowed your ancestors to walk the earth, without dropping dead. Even though your ancestors (probably) treated my ancestors like shit!

Pace out, the Sami Magician … 😉

BTW, this is not a photo of me, just some random photo I found of Sami people, doing their day to day things 🙂


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