Mirror Magic

Little Mirror on the Wall, who am I really …?

This is the by far most elusive and powerful types of Magic that exists. Successfully applied, it yields literally infinite possibilities to the practitioner, and gives him “God like” powers. It is pure White in essence, and in many ways the cure for all other forms of Magic. Among other things, it gives its practitioner the ability to reflect all other sorts of Magic back to sender, and renders him or her virtually immun to black Magic. It gives you the ability to completely manipulate your surrounding’s perception of you, in addition to allowing others see themselves for what they truly are – Which often scares the living crap out of them, literally.

Its path is extremely difficult to explain, and I suspect there is no single path to it, but rather a realisation of that you deserve its powers – Coupled with unimaginable personal sacrifice, which is probably why so few ever experience it, and are able to achieve it. It’s not as much a single type of Magic, as it is the understanding of the entirety of the Magic “catalogue”, allowing the practitioner to reflect all forms of black Magic, and return it back to its sender. It requires intense amount of works, mostly inwards, to perceive yourself as you truly are. But when successfully reached, allows you to completely change your surrounding’s perspective of you, giving you the ability to glide into any environment, completely untouched by hostile emotions, and shielded from all evil.

A practitioner of Mirror Magic will rarely be looked upon the same way, by two different human beings. Some will say he is “a”, others will say he is “b”, where “a” and “b” are often fundamentally different and incompatible things. It is one of very few forms of Magic that can never be taught, but rather is achieved through an epiphany, often originating from extreme personal trauma, coupled with self sacrifice, and intense amount of work. It also starts out with the realisation of that your actions might have enormous consequences, leading you to second thoughts, resulting in you becoming a “better human being”.

Some famous practitioners of Mirror Magic were Jesus, Siddhartha Gautama, Laozi, etc – Which also illustrates the powers it gives the practitioner when successfully applied. It is always however the result of accepting your destiny, something beautifully illustrated by Gautama, as he looked into the pond, and saw himself as an old man, about to die – Or Jesus for that matter, preventing Peter from fighting for his freedom when he was arrested by Roman soldiers, having at that point already accepted his destiny, which (of course) was to be crucified. It is often associated with rebirth, because that’s how it feels like for the one who is able to successfully achieve its powers. And it starts our with the realisation of that death is inevitable, yet still being able to be OK with that. This again, has the result of completely eradicating all fear in the mind of the one achieving it, which (of course) leads to God like powers, allowing you to “Conquer Demon Mara” to use a Buddhist analogy.

It is completely unattainable for a person “not worthy” of its powers though, so even though it is “colourless”, and could in theory be used for evil means – It is 100% perfectly unavailable for those with “evil intentions”. Every time some person acquires it, the changes are drastic, for the entirety of humanity. Something beautifully illustrated in both Buddhism and Christianity, through the extreme changes to the world, attributed to these mens’ lives …


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