Sex Magic 101

Sex Magic is the female counterpart to Chaos Magic, and pure dark in essence. Where Chaos Magic is for the most parts done by men, Sex Magic is mostly done by women. It is defined as the conspicuously exploitation of ones sexual attributes, coupled with mens natural instinct to want sex. The idea is to manipulate men to do ones dirty deeds, by tricking them into believing that if they do, they’ll get into your pants. Just like Chaos Magic,  Sex Magic is extremely unpredictable, and always backfires to the practitioner in the end, making him (or mostly her to be honest) suffer some extreme backlash after a while.

Some societies have gone to extreme lengths to prevent this type of Magic, due to its extremely volatile nature, such as Islam that have made the Hijab a mandatory piece of clothing to prevent the effects of Sex Magic. However, putting your women inside of tents to prevent the effects of Sex Magic, is arguably the equivalent of chopping off your head to avoid having to shave. Being surrounded by beautiful women is not a sin. Putting on (small amounts) of makeup, and brushing your long beautiful hair to look pretty, is neither a sin. However, when a beautiful woman is exploiting her sexual attributes, and your instinct to breed, to have you murder her ex boyfriend – Then we are talking about a major sin.

Wars have been started because of “smaller innocent incidents” of Sex Magic, and empires have collapsed to dust because of it – Just like wars have started and empires collapsed because of practitioners of Chaos Magic.

However, the practitioner of Sex Magic will rarely if ever allow you to breed (have sex with her) – Because the Magic is only effective until sex have occurred, due to that it is based upon the tension that exists in between the woman and her victim. Once you realise this, you also understand that when you are confronted with Sex Magic, you will basically never, or at least extremely rarely, be able to actually get into the pants of the woman trying to seduce you to do her dirty deeds. Once you know this, there are no reasons for you to be tricked into performing her dirty deeds either, realising the more dirty deeds you do for her, the less sex you’ll end up having in the end.


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