Trolling 101

This is the second article in a series of articles where my intentions are to teach you Magic, all sorts of Magic, including black Magic. In this article I will talk about a special Norwegian type of Magic called “Trolling”. Contrary to its rumour, trolling is not an evil type of Magic, and it has nothing to do with bullying – In fact quite the opposite, since it often helps prevent bullying. Trolling is the art of pretending to be something you are not, in order to make those whom you are communicating with, expose themselves for what they truly are, and in fact it is often “pure white Magic” in its essence, since it allows for others to “see that which is hidden”. Hence, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear from Trolling.

Norwegian folklore are full of examples of Trolling, such as the story of Askeladden who tricked the Troll to believe he could squeeze a stone, by squeezing a piece of brown cheese, and telling the Troll that he was breaking a rock with his bare hands. The Troll became curious about this, and Askeladden challenged the Troll to show him that he could do the same – So the Troll left his cave, and in that exact moment, the sun came over the horizon, and the Troll turned to stone.

Trolling is an extremely powerful type of Magic, since it tricks the Trolls to expose themselves for what they truly are, and let the world see them as they actually are, without their masks that hides them from the world. Hence, Trolling is not usually performed by the Trolls themselves, but rather by those wanting to expose the Trolls, and hence such becomes illuminating White Magic, since it sheds light into the dark corners of the world. With the rise of the internet, Trolling became immensely popular, due to how easy it became to pretend that you were something you actually weren’t – And hence millions of Trolls fell victims of this Magic, and exposed themselves, resulting in that they no longer could hide their vicious intentions and actions.


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