Who owns the Court Systems in Europe?

Is she really blind? Norwegians will know the 8th of June!

A friend of me studied how judges are being chosen in Norway. What he found was that judges are being security cleared by the Norwegian military. This is actually against the Norwegian constitution, and in many ways arguably makes Norway a military dictatorship, since it allows the Norwegian military and Norwegian security police to simply avoid giving a judge his necessary security clearance, and such prevent him from becoming a judge. Hence, if you do not follow the agenda of the Norwegian military and security police for any reasons, you can never become a judge in a Norwegian court.

My lawyer once told me that the police have a similar technique, where they will choose only to prosecute their cases when they know some specific judge is at work, and able to take on some case in his court. The police of course are keeping track of each judge’s verdict, for obvious reasons, and by choosing when to prosecute a case in the Norwegian court system, they can arguably facilitate for whatever result they need, in each individual case. This concept is often referred to as “wag the dog”, which implies that the “tail of the dog is wagging the dog”. In fact, there is a brilliant Hollywood movie from the late 90s with Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman by that name, which you should see when you have the time. Sometimes reality imitate art I guess.

The 8th of June, Svein Ludvigsen is being prosecuted for sexual abuse in a whole range of sexual misconduct cases. Svein was one of the most prominent politicians in Norway during the height of his career, and was among other things the Minister of Fish in Norway. The verdict, or lack thereof given to Ludvigsen, will arguably become the litmus test of exactly how corrupt the Norwegian court system actually is. The case has already been labeled as the “biggest scandal in Norway’s contemporary history”. However, if the trial ends without a verdict, that will probably be an even larger scandal. Even the New York Times and the The Guardian has written about the case against Ludvigsen, which shows the magnitude of the case. If you are on the “inside”, you don’t risk being judged or sentenced for your crimes. If you’re not on the inside, you’ll probably be judged and sentenced for all sorts of weird and largely fabricated things. Something I know very well myself.

At the core of the justice system’s existence, is the idea of that the law is blind. What this means, is that the law should be equal for all of us, and not judge its citizens according to fame, possessions, or titles. Both the rich finance tycoon, the famous politician, and “John Doe” are supposed to be “equal in front of the law”. Without this belief among the general population, the court system cannot exist. Something nobody believes in, cannot exist! Today my friend who wrote an inspired letter about the problem of security clearing judges sits in jail, arguably for 95% fabricated things. If Ludvigsen is let off the hook, I will not need to further argue – Simply since if Ludvigsen walks, the people will see for themselves that the court system is a hoax.

I probably shouldn’t say this out loud, but I sometimes wish they would let Ludvigsen walk for the above reasons – But that’s probably too much to ask for, since when you’re taken with your pants down at a brothel, for attempted rape of one of our weaker citizens, the people will simply demand justice. And there in lies our hope, your demands to your government. Because you have much more power than what you realise. You can put forth demands to your elected politicians, police, and judges – And they will be simply forced to listen to you, since the alternative is the complete collapse of everything they hold dearly.

Because even though the tail sometimes wags the dog, the tail still fear the dog, because in the end, the dog is the tail’s master, and not the other way around.

It took me 6-9 months of time in prison, I had to leave my home country, and I am a “person non grata”, but I nailed him! And nobody can ever take that away from me! Now it’s your time to put forth your demands, and as you do, you will notice that they are a little bit weaker, a little bit more easy to argue with, and a little bit more reasonable – Simply put, because me and my friends, gave them a jolly good “massage”

The war is won, one small victory at the time 🙂


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