Lately I have categorised most types of Magic in a series of articles here, both Black Magic and White Magic. My reasons for doing so, will be apparent as you read through my articles, but basically White Magic I explain to help you learn something beneficial, while the darker types of Magic, I explain in order to make you able to recognise it, and defend yourself against it.

This article hence, serves as a starting ground to understand this often misunderstood concept, such that you can start out on your own journey, and experience it for yourself, and understand it, to such remove any superstition associated with it.

  1. Chaos Magic 101
  2. Trolling 101
  3. Sex Magic 101
  4. Charm Magic 101
  5. Mirror Magic
  6. Ganning, or Gypsy Magic
  7. An example of Black Magic
  8. Spell Casting 101
  9. Shamanism 101
  10. Occult Magic

I want to emphasise, that except for learning how to defend against it, Black Magic is not something you should take lightly on, and stay away from as much as possible. Other types of Magic are “pure White” in essence,  but most types of Magic is really neutral, and can be used for both good and evil, and hence such serves different purposes depending upon who you ask.

In the end, most types of Magic are simply tools as I explain in one of my articles, the same way your car is nothing but a tool. A car can be used to murder somebody, and it can be used to drive a person to the hospital. If you choose to use Magic, please use it responsible. It is often your intentions that defines its pureness.


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