Occult Magic

There is nothing evil about the word “occult”, it simply means “hidden”. However, there exists two distinctly different types of “Hidden Magic”. The one you have probably heard about, is the one hiding in the shadows, unable to sustain its existence, without secrecy and darkness. It is most commonly practiced by evil societies, by performing dark rituals, often performing unspeakable acts of evil, as all of its members are watching. This creates a “ring of power” for all those whom are “inside the ring”, where all the participants in these rituals, will know for sure that they can trust each other. Because if they snitch on a brother, they risk falling themselves, due to simply having participated in these Magic sacrificial rituals, without interfering and preventing these acts from happening. For instance, if I was a vicious psychopath, I could try to convince you to murder someone, for then to film it, at which point I would arguably “own you”. If you wish to see who these vicious demons are, then simply look to your government. They’re basically all practitioners of this type of Magic, otherwise they wouldn’t have any secular power.

The other type of hidden Magic, is secrecy because of love to your next of kind. If your next of kind has done something stupid, and asks for forgiveness, and confess to you – Then only a very evil man would tell anybody, assuming your next of kind intends to stop doing whatever he did in the first place.

The second type of Magic, leads to an interesting place though, which is the place where people will tell you things, because they know they can trust you. As they do, they will also inevitably speak about other people’s sins and crimes. These sins and crimes are often in the first category of occult Magic, which gives its practitioners a peek inside of these vicious circles of evil. This again, results in that its practitioners gains power over the demons on Earth, without having to pollute his soul by committing sins himself. These people again, fear the light of a truth sayer, more than anything else on this planet. And as the truth sayer starts speaking about these sins, they will do everything they can to protect themselves. As they do, they will have to include more and more people into their little conspiracy, until the circles becomes so big, that two rings are forged. One ring of Light, which is the one you share with your friends, by telling them about these things. And another ring of Darkness, that effectively enslaves the ones who fears the truth. The Ring of Light will effectively become the slave bringer for those in the Ring of Darkness, without that’s even the intention of the Ring Bearer of the Ring of Light.

And that is why I do not fear governments, and I effectively live in Anarchy. Simply because, none of those “in power” have any power over me, because I know about their occult and dirty little secrets, and I have no reasons not to tell, since I wasn’t participating in these vicious rituals. In addition, I have told all my friends, and all the demons around me, about that which I know – So if anything should happen to me, the Ring of Light will destroy their Ring of Darkness. In addition, since the demons knows that I know, and that all of my friends know, and that we do not mind telling the world – They cannot continue their evil acts, even though they will go to extreme lengths to prevent the truth from ever coming out.

Knowledge is Power, and only him willing to share it with the World, and not wanting it for himself, will ever be given it


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