Shamanism 101

The Shaman is the “revealer of the road ahead of you”. It is probably the most ungrateful position on the planet a man can have. Some people do not particularly enjoy seeing the road ahead of them, because it scares them, and it forces them to accept the consequences of their own actions, often before they do what they intend to do. Hence, the Shaman is both feared and loved.

On a daily basis, the Shaman is forced to reason with entities from the spirit realm, most people have no idea even exists. Sometimes the Shaman falls for these demons and djinns, and turns to the dark path. Unfortunately, secular societies in the west, are obsessed with focusing on these evil Shamans, in its efforts to destroy all forms of spirituality. One famous example of such a Shaman is Jim Jones. Other Shamans are of more “dubious character”, and arguably in the grey zone between darkness and light. One example of the latter is Rasputin, who obviously did some “nasty things” during his reign, but also (unsuccessfully) tried to prevent World War I. If Rasputin had succeeded, I suspect we’d never even hear of neither World War I, nor World War II, and some 100+ million people’s lives would be have been saved. Needless to say, but if Rasputin was such a pure evil Shaman as he is often portrayed as, why would he try to prevent the loss of millions of lives?

However, many Shamans are good, even though it is sometimes difficult to see the difference due to the Shaman’s practices. These Shamans are often almost invisible, and history never speaks about their victories. The Shaman is basically the “ambassador” between the spirit realm, and life in this realm as you know it. To illustrate the burden of being a Shaman, let me tell you a true story, I heard from the Spirit realm once, which you can also scientifically verify for the record.

The Shaman and the River Dolphins

2,000 years ago, a girl in the Amazon rain forest was pregnant outside of marriage. She sought help from her local Shaman, because she knew the villagers would condemn her, and kill her for her actions. The Shaman told her to not tell anybody about this, and wait for him to solve it. During the next full moon he gathered his entire village, and told them he had an announcement to make, which was that the fabric that separated the spirit realm from the real world unfortunately had torn a hole, allowing the River Dolphins to become men each full moon, walk the Earth, and seduce the women of the village. So he told all women that they would not be allowed to leave the village during full moon, and he told all the villagers to give their blessings to the young girl who was pregnant, and had warned him about this incident, and unfortunately at the same time fallen for the Magic of one of these River Dolphins. The woman carried forth her child, and it was loved by the entire village, and celebrated as special, because its father was from the spirit realm, and the child was part River Dolphin. The Shaman also adopted the child as his own flesh, and treated it as if it was his own child. When the child grew up, it became the villagers’ next Shaman, and all the villagers loved the child for its special gifts, that it had acquired due to its origins from the Spirit Realm.

Even today, 2,000 years later, no woman from this village will voluntarily go outside of their house during a full moon …

There are two ways to read the above story. Which way to read it, is not up to me to tell you – But I can pretty much guarantee you, that one of the possible interpretations of the above story will lead you into the abyss, and the other will lead you into the light. I think you know which interpretation will lead you where if you think about it … 😉


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