Spell Casting 101

A typical wizard in the process of casting a spell

I have written about this previously, but in the interest of gathering all my articles about Magic under the same umbrella, and also creating a catalogue of Magic, I want to revisit it again.

Spell Casting is very easy to understand. It is basically the ability to spell words and sentences, for then to distribute them for others to read. I am Spell Casting in fact as I am writing this article, and if you share my words, you are participating in the Casting process, at which point you can also associate your own thoughts with my words, by commenting on my words, and such use “my spell” to give “your spell” more lüft. This process allows you to influence the hearts and minds of your recipients, to such facilitate for change, without having to directly participate in the change process yourself. Its Black version, is when you apply it as propaganda, the way Joseph Goebbels did in Nazi Germany, and the way a lot of journalists today are facilitating for “echo chambers”, not allowing people of diverging opinions to raise their concerns, to create “taboo subjects”. This creates “occult subjects”, that are impossible to discuss, which again results in all sorts of problems, such as public lynchings, genocide and slavery – Because it prevents the public from gaining access to “seeds of doubt”, making them think twice about their actions, before publicly conducting their actions.

Its White version, is the acknowledgment of that you may not know everything, and do not have all the parameters, and hence everybody should be given equal abilities to publicly comment, and raise their concerns about issues in the public space. Black Magic always depends upon “hiding things”.

However, if you want to become a spell caster, all you need to do in fact, is to setup your own blog for instance, such as I have done – And simply start creating spells yourself. If you do, you get the opportunity to cast spells, to influence the hearts and minds of others. Just please be careful, since it’s an extremely powerful type of Magic, because it gives you an opportunity to influence the actions of millions of people at the same time, which also arguably makes you responsible for their actions. However, if you’re intentions are good, it for the most parts have positive results, and is for the most parts pure White in essence.


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