Emotional cryptography

Everybody knows that knowledge is power. The interesting question is how to distribute that power to only those who deserves it? The answer to that question is by distributing it in plain sigh, using “emotional cryptography”. I have a confession to make in these regards, which is that in my previous articles about Magic, I was actually using this technique myself. Simply by starting out with that “I will teach you Magic”, I have effectively made sure that 50% of all people reading these articles will fall off, and dismiss everything I write afterwards as “pure madness”. The part that falls off, just so happens to be those without creativity and imagination, which also (obviously) happens to be closely related to empathy. This ensures that only those 50% with the most empathy will be able to read my articles, since the rest will dismiss it before they have even finished the first sentence as “rubbish”. This allows me to share my knowledge, exclusively with those I happen to believe have deserved it. The real secret of course is that my Magic blogs weren’t about Magic – At least not Magic as you have been taught to think about it. They were simply psychosociological “trickery”, that all in some way gives you power!

The safest place to hide a pearl, is to put it in shit, for then to rub that shit into the faces of those who you don’t believe deserves it, which will make them go “yuk”, and run away from the pearl you’re trying to give to them. Something the Bible taught me, believe it or not. Since the Bible is the ultimate guide to happiness, once you’ve just scraped away all the rubbish that surrounds the truths conveyed within it.

And there I probably lost 99% of my readers, which (of course) was my intention … 😀

The Tao Te Ching says the following about it …

Some will look at the Tao and laugh. And this is a good thing, because without these people laughing of the Tao, the Tao would not be the Tao. Others will look at the Tao in disgust, and without these people the Tao would not be the Tao. Others will look at the Tao, and see its beauty, and those are the people the Tao were written for, the Sages intended to inherit the Earth …

If you haven’t fallen off by now, congratulation, you have probably deserved the truth – And the truth is that everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be, and you don’t have to do anything, to change anything, because everything will fall into its natural place eventually – It is simply the law of the universe … 😉


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