Crazy people have more fun

It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to understand that dancing naked under the full moon, in the Amazonas, while tripping on Ayahuasca, and chanting with 200 friends in a drum circle, is probably “slightly more fun” than working nine to five, only looking forward to going to Disney World for a week, with your mother in law next summer.

Of course, these are the extreme cases, and there are lots of shaded in between. However, I happen to have a lot of “crazy friends”. Some of my friends are paddling the Amazonas, others are traveling the world. As to myself, compared to most others, I would probably be considered pretty crazy too – Although I’ve never done Ayahuasca in the Amazon – But hey, I am still young 😉

Do me a favour, and care less about what others think about you – Because when confronted with somebody living an extremely fun life, most nine to fivers will use words such as “irresponsible”, “whacko”, “fruitcake”, etc to explain what they are looking at. However, such reactions comes from jealousy, which is arguably the most common human emotion, and the saddest emotion too …


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