The psychosociological effects of the believe in Armageddon

Most mentally sick people aren’t born sick. More often than society likes to believe, their disease is a consequence of injustice applied by the person’s surroundings – Resulting in that he or she can no longer cope with reality, and “escapes into madness”. This results in that mentally sick people almost always holds grudges, and have a feeling of wanting “revenge”. The idea of “Karma” and “Judgment Day”, hence purely psychosociologically smoothens over the cracks in society, because of that such beliefs, makes the mentally sick person who have experienced trauma, no longer crave for revenge – Because he knows that “He will have his revenge on Judgment Day” or that “Karma will sort things out eventually”, etc.

In such a way the belief in Armageddon, results in less chaos and bloodshed, and a better society in general. Assuming the believer doesn’t believe he is the one who is supposed to facilitate for it of course … 😉

Don’t be so fast to dismiss faith. It is sometimes the only thing that holds us up, from falling into the abyss …


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