The services the New Age provides to society

I wanted to use the header “The services UFOs provides to society”, but I realised that would be counterproductive, since I would only reach the “wrong crowd” – Hence, the header became what it became.

It is easy to ridicule UFOs, Unicorns, and other “fruit cake conspiracy theories”, and point at them as insanity. However, the picture is more complex for the enlightened human. In order to understand why, I must tell you a story about my eldest son. When my son was 14 years old, I told him about a guy who was so batshit crazy, that even the Scientologists had chosen to expel him. I saw an interview with this guy on YouTube, where he explained how he was actually Jesus’ father, having jerked off in a river, upstreams from where Maria had taken a wash, some 2,000 years ago, in a previous lifetime. His seamen had followed the river down streams, where it had managed to reach Maria’s vagina, resulting in that she became pregnant. The guy told this story in an interview on YouTube, 100% convinced that this was the pure truth. As I told my son this story, I kind of laughed at the poor guy, even though I obviously pitied him too, and I told my son “This guy was even too much of a fruitcake to be allowed membership of the Church of Scientology”. My 14 year old son’s reaction was as follows;

Poor guy! It was wrong of them to expel him, they should have just kept him around, such that he wouldn’t end up being alone

At that time, I realised that my 14 year old son was wiser than me.

A man driven to complete solitude often ends up doing unimaginable things, such as the Christ Church mass murderer, or Anders Behring Breivik for that matter. Alternative societies provides in such a regard a “safety net” for catching the loonies, before they do extreme things, such as murdering hundreds of people in a rage over the injustice they experience, due to being isolated from the rest of society, never experiencing understanding or love. However, in alternative societies, “everything is OK”. Do you believe in that you are the creator of the Universe? Alright! Go for it! Do you believe in that we descend from Fairies? Cool, me too bro! 😉

In such a regard, alternative belief systems, such as the belief in that UFOs are our Messiahs, Unicorns exists, or Magic and spiritual thought systems in general, provides a service to society – Since they provides an “insurance” against that insanity manifests itself into the real world, from the deluded mind, resulting in horrific consequences. If you look at most of these insane mass murderers, of recent times, you will notice that most of them had no friends, was misunderstood, and had delusions about reality one way or another.

If you happen to be an atheist, and don’t understand what the fuss about UFOs is, and you believe that people who believe in these things are “fruitcake loonies”. Then that is perfectly fine with me. You have the right to believe that. But you also arguably have the moral obligation to keep your lack of belief to yourself. Because every time you say “I don’t believe in fairies”, a fairy somewhere dies …

So hurry up, and clap your hands … 😀


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