Is a mass psychosis dangerous?

Maybe the primary example of that a mass psychosis by itself is harmless, is the Catholic Church, that believes in something that cannot possibly be the truth. Yet still, for the last 200 years or so, its 1.3 billion members have been living in more or less perfectly harmony with the rest of society. And if individual members of their group has done monstrosities, it has not been in the name of the church for the most parts, at least not in recent times. Still, the Catholic Church, by any definition, easily falls into the category we use to define “cults”. It’s just a significantly larger cult than most other cults. Other examples of relatively innocent mass psychosis, are the belief in UFOs. So far, we’ve rarely seen UFO believers picking up their pitch forks and hit to the streets, to burn books, and hang “infidels” from the trees.

Other examples of more dangerous mass psychosis, is the belief in ISIS, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria and Iraq over the last decade. For the record, picking on ISIS here, is arguably unethical, since there are probably other mass psychosis, much “closer to you”, that have had similar effects, only on a smaller scale. Some examples here are soccer hooligans, which probably are in a slightly more “dubious category” than your local UFO club, yet still for some reasons often times much more tolerated in society at large than the belief in UFOs.

So no, a mass psychosis by itself is not dangerous, and I believe the primary element you’ll need to add to an existing mass psychosis to make it dangerous, is fear! Besides, having a psychosis every now and then, is arguably healthy to the mind of the individuals taking parts in these beliefs, because it allows one to see one selves from the outside of the point of perception, and enriches the spiritual life of the individual taking part. So spending energy trying to eliminate a false belief, is often times counterproductive, since most beliefs are simply completely harmless. Besides, something the Catholic Church clearly demonstrates, actually winning these debates, are impossible, since regardless of how much proof you put forth, the believe sustains itself, and can never be eliminated …


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