Facebook proves Democracy is Madness

Do you want the power in the US?

Let’s create a thought experiment. For the record, I do not want you to do this, but simply imagine it. In fact, encouraging you to do this would probably be illegal, and definitely immoral – So please just imagine that somebody did this, without being tempted to actually doing it. Anyways; Disclaimer all set aside, let’s start our thought experiment.

Imagine a candidate in 2020 for the Presidential election of the USA doing his “run” on one simple slogan “Cut off her titties”. With “her” of course, being Hillary Clinton. Besides from that, the candidate would have absolutely no other political opinions at all. Every time he is confronted with what his politics for America is, he would simply answer “Cut off her titties”. Of course, some would argue, we already know the answer to what this would result in, due to how the election ended in 2016. Still, let me ask you a simple question; “Do you think this candidate would be able to win the election?”

People don’t vote “for”, they vote “against”. Hate is at least 3 times as strong as love when it comes to moving the hearts and minds of the “popular vote”. For the record, science has already proven this to be a fact. Most people in the US, for obvious reasons, have a lot of harboured animosity towards Hillary Clinton, simply because she used to hold a lot of power in the US. And if some popular candidate made his run, playing on that animosity, he would be destined to win. For instance, due to crime rates in American cities, most citizens of the USA harbours a lot of animosity towards immigration, and blames everything that is bad in the US on the Mexicans. Starting a political party with the intention of putting all Mexicans into concentration camps in the US, would probably yield a lot of “political results”.

If you think my thought experiment is skewed, you haven’t had a Facebook account for long, and you don’t realise that such thought experiments have in fact already been conducted in the real world. The above technique, was in fact what brought Hitler to power in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. The Nazis played upon the existing animosity towards the Jews in Germany in 1930, and they were able to use that to their advantage, resulting in that they gained the democratic majority of the people in Germany, and “the rest is history”.

In Norway, in one of the largest cities; Bergen – Currently, a political party that refers to themselves as “The people’s party against tollroads”, currently have almost majority alone in that city. If elections were done tomorrow, a political party, in one of the largest cities in Norway, with one simple slogan “Tear down all toll roads” – Would gain majority alone, and have all the power in that city alone. Of course, nobody are able to have them speak out publicly about anything else but tollroads, and in fact doing so, would probably be unwise of them – Because toll roads happens to be that single cause, more than 50% of the population can gather around. Hence, if they started answering questions about anything else besides this simple cause, they would tear their own political party in two, making more and more people “drop off”, for every cause they started taking a stand in regards to.

For the record, being an Anarchist, I am obviously against toll roads, since they are inhuman and unethical in all regards

But the political party from Bergen, perfectly illustrates the madness of Democracy none the less.

In France scientific studies related to human behaviour and mass psychology after the revolution concluded with “The revolution eats its own”. The effects were seen by all those who early after the revolution tried to grasp power, were decapitated themselves by the Guillotine some few weeks later. Democracy is driven by similar effects, because it is impossible to be elected into any government position, without creating animosity, because inheritingly within the “democratic mindset”, is the idea that “you have the right to govern others”. Those whom are “governed” aren’t always that happy about being “governed” – Hence, democracy eats its own children, just like the revolution does. Which of course explains why the thought experiment with Hillary Clinton above is such a strong example of the “Tyranny of the majority”. Hillary used to hold a lot of the power in the US, and for this reason, her destiny is to live under the regime of the Secret Service for the rest of her natural life, to protect her from the consequences of her earlier actions …

For the record, I do not want to “tear off her titties”, and I do not want anybody else to do so either, because that would be immoral, unethical, and illegal. I simply used it as an example of how the “popular vote” is able to move the hearts and minds of the people, and how the tyranny of the majority is in itself organised madness, in addition to how “Democracy eats its own”.


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