God bless Donald Trump

Meet the boogeyman of Democracy

For a self proclaimed Anarchist to officially give his blessings to Donald Trump might sound “weird”, until you realise that he is the end of my argument. Let me explain. Every form of government needs its “boogeyman”. For communism the boogeymen are Stalin and Pol Pot. For national socialism the boogeymen are Adolf Hitler and Il Duce. For democracy, the boogeyman will become Donald Trump.

Apparently the democrats wants to prosecute Donald Trump for crimes. The paradox is that if they were ever successful at doing so, any sane psychologist and psychiatrist would conclude with that Mr. Trump cannot possibly be held accountable for his own actions, simply because he has the intellectually and emotionally maturity level of a 12 year old child.

A friend of mine used to work for Donald Trump back in the 1980s in Florida. Whenever Donald came to their office, him and his colleagues used to hide under their desks, telling their secretaries to inform Mr. Trump that they weren’t around. The mere fact of that Donald Trump is now the “leader of the free world”, becomes the proof of that democracy is organised madness. And no human being with more than two intact brain cells, can create counter arguments to invalidate that fact. The CIA are giving him security briefings in “cartoon form”, because Donald doesn’t like, quote “reading long pieces of text”. His cabinet spends most of their time saying “what he really meant to say was xxx”, and so on, and so on. Facts are that Donald Trump is probably what we would have classified as “mentally retarded” just some few decades ago. The only reasons he was able to become the President, was by playing upon populistic memes and ideas. Some few years from now, humanity will wake up, and realise.

“Ohh my God, we actually elected that guy into office? Democracy is madness!”

Therefor I give my blessings to Donald Trump, because he became the one to teach humanity that all forms of government, including democracy, is basically madness. And as humanity looks for alternative forms of government, they will find none, and we will be left with the only viable alternative that exists; Anarchy!


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