The argument that wins all democratic elections

Is this the madman, or are everybody else insane?

Warning; This argument is kind of like Pandora’s box, since once you use it, you’ll fall victim for it yourself eventually –  But it goes like this; “I am against whatever the previous guy was for!” It doesn’t matter what the previous president was in favour for, as long as you are against it, you are destined to win.

The reasons for this is psychosociological in nature, because once one group has won the power, that group grows lazy, realising they’ve already won – While the other group starts harbouring animosity towards the guy in power, and starts encouraging their people to vote, such that they are ready during Election Day. And it is always easier to win when you are against something, then if you are in favour of something. Of course, this results in complete madness, and a complete lack of continuity, because every single elected official, will spend his entire reign, simply tearing down whatever his predecessor built up – Regardless of whether or not it was good or not. And as it builds upon momentum, candidates are forced into using more and more drastic arguments in order to be heard and win the election, where of course the end result becomes that all elections are exclusively won by whatever candidate is able to shout the loudest; “I will execute my predecessor!”

Now do me a favour, and read the above paragraph once more, and prove me wrong. Facts are you can’t. At least not within the boundaries on sanity. Then answer the following question.

Is this the world you want to live in …?


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