How the Messiah syndrome sustains Democracy

Is this your Messiah?

The Messiah syndrome is a word I have invented myself, as far as I know at least. It is the belief in that an outer entity will save you. For Christians and Muslims this typically is Jesus or Isa. For a secular human being, this is the government. Due to the facts that humans are herd animals, this belief seems to be hardwired into our minds, and it creates all sorts of weird problems for us collectively as a specie. For instance, for a human being who believes in that we need governments, the Messiah always seems to be the “political opposition”, whatever political belief system that is at the moment. Adolf Hitler was a master manipulator of humans, and able to bring this faith up to a completely new level, making almost the entire German population believe he was their Messiah. Something he did using propaganda tools, making him be perceived like a “God like being”.

Repeating the same behaviour and expecting a different result is the definition of madness

The above sentence is something we can all agree with, at least most of us, until you ask the average human being what needs to be done to fix their country. The answer is always “the other political party needs to be given the power”. The fact that we have been swinging back and forth, between these same political belief systems, hundreds of times during the last 100+ years, without seeing noticeable results, seems to be difficult to understand for most.

Hence, humans willingly vote, every 4th years, believing in that “the new guy will fix everything”, not realising that the new guy is not new at all, he’s just the same guy with some new wrapping. Or to say it using common sense; “Same shit, new wrapping!”

In Norway the “other side” were given the power some 5 years ago. they promised to completely stop immigration, and get rid of all tollroads. Since they gained power, the number of tollroads have increased by some 50-60%, and immigration have literally exploded. Ignoring whether or not this is a bad thing or a good thing, it is difficult to see how the “opposition brought the change they promised”. Even though they spent their entire campaign, promising to deliver the exact opposite of the “previous guy”.

The belief in that the “next guy will fix the problems”, is a psychiatric disease, one which I have arguably invented myself, but which I am pretty certain science can agree with me exists – And it is called the “Messiah syndrome”.


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