Newton’s laws and Divine Justice

Most people in the western hemisphere when confronted with the idea of Karma will laugh, and use words such as “superstition” and “religious mumbo jumbo”. However, even the most fundamental theories of physics arguably proves Karma’s existence. No need to bring in “voodoo quantum mechanics”, and so called “pseudo science”. Newton’s laws of thermo dynamics, and more specifically the conservation of energy, arguably proves the existence of Karma. Newton’s laws of conservation of energy, tells us that “whenever you apply force to an object, that object applies the same force back to you”. If you don’t believe me, feel free to smash your head at a brick wall. Realising the truth of that law, makes you understand that “your slavedriver’s destiny is to become your slave”.

One very good example of the effects this has upon humanity, is the domestication of animals, occurring probably somewhere around 40-70,000 years ago, with the first dogs becoming domesticated. Dogs originated from wolves, but when you look at dogs today, that fact is arguably difficult to believe in – Especially as you look at species such as British Bulldogs and Puddles. A British Bulldog doesn’t resemble a wolf much today, but that is its genetic ancestor. This is because the domestication process allowed us to do “selected breeding” on dogs. The paradox is that Newton’s laws tells us; “The same amount of mutations we applied to the wolves’ DNA, the wolves applied back to us”.

Exactly what types of consequence this has to you personally, I will write about in another article later – And selected breeding on dogs, was just added to illustrate a point, which is that sometimes we cannot see the Truth, because it “moves too slowly”. However, Karma works slowly sometimes. But simply because you cannot watch the genetic changes from wolf to Puddles, doesn’t mean it’s not real. In that realisation exists a warning to humanity, since Karma is often times too slow to observe for a human being, resulting in that understanding the actions that resulted in the consequences you are now experiencing, sometimes becomes difficult for a simple human mind. But simply because you cannot watch the grass grow, doesn’t mean it doesn’t grow. Maybe the best example of this is that if you betray a friend, others will not trust you, and you will be betrayed by your friends – Since your friends will try to betray you before you betray them, realising they cannot trust you, since you betrayed another friend previously at your convenience. Which of course leads to the perverted belief in the “anti golden rule”, which is perfectly depicted in the movie Dracula.

Do to others before they do to you

Of course the correct sentence according to the above understanding of Newton’s law becomes as follows.

Do to others to ensure others do the same to you

But believing in that, is arguably the equivalent of believing in that the grass grows, when you cannot observe it. It is much easier to believe in “Do to others before they do to you.” But believe me when I tell you, the grass truly do grow, even though you cannot watch it as it grows. Just like Newton’s laws shows you Karma is real, even though it’s very difficult to see and believe in sometimes …


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