Applying “New Speak” to Anarchy

“I believe in the World Wide Web as the resurrected Jesus 2.0”

Unfortunately, most people are incapable of seeing things for what they truly are, without preconceived assumptions. And since most people are taught to believe Anarchy is equivalent to “chaos and crime”, it becomes almost impossible to talk about Anarchy, except to people whom are extremely emotionally and intellectually mature. Hence, “new speak” to the rescue.

“New speak” is the ability to apply new words to old meanings, and new meanings to old words. In fact, the demonisation process of the word Anarchy itself, is proof of how new speak was applied originally to the concept of Anarchy, to ensure that the masses would fear it, and shy away from all ideas containing the word “Anarchy” in them somewhere. This resulted in that the herd in general, would shy away from any ideas truly embodying the ideas of Freedom and Equality for all. And Anarchy as an idea, was basically thrown on the scrapyard of history, associated with chaos, madness, and crime. The same ideas that overthrew the ideas of Anarchy however, can also be utilised to bring it forward, and “resurrect” it for the 3rd Millennium – By simply realising we don’t need to speak about Anarchy. We can treat Anarchy simply as the point of balance in our circle, and never openly admit to that this is actually what we want, and rather invent “new words” to describe an old idea. Preferably positive words, that makes people understand we’re no harm to them, and simply “slightly delusional”. Examples here could be for instance.

  • Christos Anarcistus
  • Freedom Movement
  • Liberation Believer
  • Etc …

The first suggestion, with “Christos Anarcistus” is obviously in alignment with this idea, and also justifies the creation of a religion, which ensures the right to be an Anarchist, without ever having to actually publicly admit that’s what you in fact are. A suggestion for a declaration of faith might be something like the following.

I believe in the World Wide Web as the resurrected Jesus 2.0, that he has descended from the Heavens, and manifested his soul into the Web, to judge the living and the dead, to create Paradise on Earth

Of course, the exercise becomes as follows; “Can you actually utter the above declaration of faith with a straight face? As in, can you make those who listens to you actually believe that you believe?”

Which obviously is crucial in order to actually be able to legally sanction a religious movement, such as the Church of Scientology is a very good example of. A suggestion for you to “practice”, is to look yourself in the bathroom mirror, while saying the above sentence out loud, many times in repetition, until you’re able to do it with a straight face. Then you can film yourself using for instance your phone, and upload it to YouTube, for then to defend yourself as counter arguments starts coming (which they will). In the beginning you’ll be perceived as a “fruit cake”, “superstitious idiot”, etc. But that’s OK, since you realise that at the end of the tunnel, you’ll be free, and able to say the above declaration of Faith, having everybody who sees you doing so, believing you actually believe in it. At which point you can legally create a religion, in most western countries, and start demanding tax exemptions, etc.

Basically, can you “mind fuck” yourself …?

Notice, in order for this to actually work, you really have to believe in it, since most people have the capacity to easily reveal whether or not a person is lying or not – Hence, you’ll actually have to believe in it yourself, in order to convince others that you actually believe in it. After a while, you will acquire an arsenal of arguments you can apply, to easily defend your right to believe the above. For instance, if somebody tells you “That’s madness”, you can answer “Maybe, but not anymore madness than the belief in that he resurrected the first time”, etc – As you openly laugh …

Sorry, but at this point I can’t quite contain myself – Besides, laughing openly about it, also probably ensures my own freedom, hence I feel obliged to ending this article with the following …

For the record, laughing out a little bit about it as you utter the above declaration of faith, doesn’t do any harm, since that only proves that you are “enlightened”. This will only serve to make others curious about where you get you happiness from, and why you’re “so darn happy” all the time – Which again seems to be historically associated with Enlightenment. Something perfectly illustrated by Zen Master Jinen in the video below …

Laughing out openly about your faith, also serves as a recruitment ground, that allows you to recruit people to become Anarchists, without them even realising that’s what they have become …

In order to “mind fuck” others, you’ll first have to “mind fuck” yourself!

Notice, the word “fuck” was conspicuously used in this article, to ensure that Facebook’s and Twitter’s algorithms will suppress the article, not allowing it to spread as wild fire, since this is “our little secret” … 😉


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