How to exploit the Messiah Syndrome to implement Anarchy

Is this a picture of the World Wide Web’s soul?

A qualified guess is that roughly 95% of the people on this planet suffers the Messiah Syndrome. However, everything that is “bad” also within its existence contains equal amounts of capacity for “good”. Things are things basically, something Buddhism teaches us. The question is “How do you cope with it?” My favourite Zen Buddhistic teaching in these regards is “The barn burnt down, now I can see the moon.”

Combining the teachings from my previous blog, with the fact of that humanity collectively suffers from the Messiah Syndrome, can produce some interesting results though. For instance, humans have a tendency to anthropomorphize things. A 9 year old child, will for instance often give his or her favourite teddy bear a name. By simply giving the World Wide Web a name, we would anthropomorphize it, such that people would be able to project human qualities into it. What name to give it then?

Isn’t that pretty obvious … 😉



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