Lessons from ancient Egyptian religion

The all seeing eye was depicted in every street corner in Egypt

Egyptians believed in Horus-Ra. Horus-Ra was often depicted as the “all seeing eye”. The idea with this image, was to remind people of that “God is always watching”, so they painted this eye at every single street corner in every single city.

Not all humans have the emotional maturity level required to live in Anarchy by themselves. Some people are simply too “opportunistic” in nature, and would probably do things that are “incompatible” with having a safe and secure Anarchistic society, where all of its citizens can live out their lives in freedom from violence, coercion, and injustice. So for an Anarchy to function, we obviously need mechanisms to make sure these people behave.

I saw a TED video some years ago about faith systems, I can’t remember its name, but it’s not important. What is important is that the scientist who created the video had conducted research in faith systems, and found that they have immense abilities to change human behaviour. He had conducted a test with some 50 questions or something, where the participants would be given one dollar for each correct answer they had. The test was conducted such that they could check themselves how many correct answers they had after the test, and nobody would check up their answers to verify how many correct answers they had. So basically the participants could simply randomly answer all questions, claim they had all answers correct, and earn 50 dollars – And it would be impossible for them to be caught cheating. Almost everybody who participated had all 50 answers correct for weird reasons.

Then he conducted the same test once more, but this time with an edge; He would demand that all participants first should swear on the Bible and their soul before they started the test. This time the number of “correct answers” dramatically dropped, even though most of the participants were in fact secular atheists, and didn’t believe in the Bible. The scientist also tried making the participants swear on other things, such as the MIT Code of Conduct and Ethics, and it produced similar results. So the Bible per se didn’t produce any magic numbers that other faith systems weren’t capable of also producing. For the record, apparently MIT never had a Code of Conduct and Ethics, which arguably made the whole thing slightly funny.

He had conducted many similar types of experiments, and they always showed the same results; If people are being reminded of that “something is watching”, they will act better – Even though they don’t even believe in the thing they are told is watching them.

Being watched, creates better human behaviour

This can be utilised to an advantage for an Anarchist society, by simply reminding people of that they’re being watched. Something we have already seen in the secular world with video surveillance cameras all over the place, and kids running around filming atrocities and police violence. So hence, by institutionalising the right to film, and spread that video on the World Wide Web for all to see, and turning that into a religious right – We could “lock” these immature individuals into Anarchistic belief systems, where they would be forced to show themselves from their best side, and such avoid violence and coercion.

The idea is easily understood, once you realise that the criminal mind, always wants to conduct its criminal activities “in darkness”, and a camera is “the light” that lights up the dark places on earth, such that “hiding” becomes impossible for the criminal mind.

Now of course, this produces a dilemma, which is perfectly illustrated by the wife of the main character in the movie “Enemy of the state”, which is “Who will be watching the watchers”? As in, what if the biggest criminals are the guys controlling the video camera? Well, this too is easily fixed by making it a religious right to film, and to spread that film, at any venue you would want to spread it within. The reason why I say “religious right”, is because religious rights have historically had much better protection in societies than secular rights. For instance, in America, an Anarchist could claim his right to film the oppressors, by pointing at the American constitution, and claim the constitution guarantees his right to film others, due to his religious faith.

The paradox is that simply the existence of such a faith system, would by itself reduce violence, coercion, and injustice. Since in such a society once everybody knows they “might be watched”, they will behave better, in fear of that somebody is filming. So after a while, actually filming becomes superfluous, since most will behave as if they are always being filmed. This would “mold” human societies, in such a way that coercion, injustice, and violence becomes so drastically reduced, that pure anarchy becomes easily within reach.

This again, creates an architectural plan for actually implementing Anarchy, even without needing consent from those who do not believe in it – Which is described in a simple sentence “Film the oppressors, whomever they are”. This of course, results in a paradox, which is best described in the following sentence.

All those who objects to this course of action, are effectively revealing themselves as oppressors, simply due to their objections

My girlfriend used to say the following

Holding a camera in front of a police officer, is like holding a silver crucifix in front of a vampire


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