Wave Theory and Group Mechanics

It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to understand that memes and ideas obeys roughly by the same scientific principles as waves in physics. For instance, when I was a kid, we were forced to see this movie called “The Wave” that was produced in the 70s or 80s, who’s purpose was to illustrate how everybody could be “taken in by the wave”, and do things while members of a group, that they normally would not be capable of doing on their own. The movie perfectly illustrated how “crowd mentality” could easily inspire fascism, genocide, and “unhealthy group mechanics”. Once you realise this simple fact, you can apply the concepts from wave theory, to both strengthen, and weaken, memes and ideas, to such apply “Magic” to the real world.

The above teaches us for instance, that you can never fight Truth with Lies, and vice versa. If somebody conveys the truth about you, smearing that person with a lie, will never work. And if somebody tells a lie about you, defending yourself with the truth, simply doesn’t work. The only thing that works, is to “let fire burn fire”. This is due to that a counter wave of equal proportion as the original wave (meme), will always neutralise the existing wave, resulting in its complete collapse. While a wave on a “different wave length”, will simply “pass through” the existing wave, creating no results at all.

Realising this simple fact, gives you an arsenal of “mind tricks”, you can apply to defend yourselves from dangerous memes and ideas. This realisation also gives you control over large groups and populations of people, once you realise how to practically apply this in society, using for instance the World Wide Web as your “wave machine”.


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