Free Will, your ONLY axiom

Normally the types of ideas I am conveying in this blog, are the type of ideas governments in general doesn’t “particularly enjoy” to say the least. However, I do not impose my world view unto others, I am not shouting it from street corners, and I am not even sharing it on Facebook. Hence, to start attacking me for these ideas, will first of all only provide me with a recruitment ground due to the Streisand syndrome. Secondly, if they tried to shut me down, it would only result in them proving me right, illustrating the validity of every single argument I have put forth here – Which I must assume neither the Norwegian government (my primary target), nor myself are particularly interested in. Besides, believe it or not, but in a weird way, I am actually also providing services to them. Instead of accepting their normal behaviour towards me as a human being, which is arguably parasitic in nature – I force unto them a symbiotic relationship. To explain this symbiotic relationship however, would arguably be “counterproductive”, so I will avoid doing it. But the “enlightened individual” can probably easily connect the dots by themselves.

However, my primary (and ONLY) axiom is actually Free Will. This implies that if you want to willingly pay 85% tax (Norwegian average), I will not spend time or energy trying to convince you why this is stupid and that you are accepting a parasitic organism, stealing most of your energy. I refuse to do it though. If you want to pay a further 20% of your remaining income on toll roads, you are of course free to do that – I will not do it however, and if I was living in Norway, and I had a car, I would probably have silently painted my registration plates with that “anti-photogenic paint”, reducing that number down to 0%, without making much fuss about it. If you want to go to war in some stupid country on the other side of the planet, to “defend Democracy” (read; Steal their oil) – I would probably not make much fuss about it, after I have told you explicitly that “You’re not going down there to defend anything I want you to defend”.

Basically, all the stuff other people care about, I simply don’t care about. This allows me to “slide under the radar”, and such effectively live my own life, completely free from slavery, without being of any particular threat to them – While at the same time, having them realise that I have teeth if they attack me first. However, my strongest trick by far, is best realised once you understand how to accomplish the following – Which unfortunately is a “realisation”, and not something I can convey to you.

Why pray for your enemies, when you can force your enemies to pray for you?

And that’s the end of the line for my argument …


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