Stupidity’s predictability – FREE BOOK :D

For “weird and mysterious reasons”, it seems that PayPal has a “bug”, that prevents you from purchasing my book. I have therefor decided to at least for the time being, distribute it completely free of charge. I obviously have my theories about why this “bug” at PayPal “all of sudden surfaced” – Especially considering I have never experienced this problem previously, and I made sure I very meticulously created the PayPal link correctly – But I think I’ll keep my theories in these regards to myself … 😉

Personal comment; Trying to explain a government worker in the Norwegian government about complex psychosociological phenomenas such as the Streisand syndrome, is probably the equivalent of debating quantum mechanics with a cow. Anyways, the book is for now, completely free of charge, and you can download it below if you wish.

The Book

Have a blast 🙂


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