The big secret

Everybody has secrets, the correct word for having a secret when your secret implies a plan, is the word “conspiracy”. I have created a plan to create Anarchy. My plan is in its entirety published here as a series of blogs, except for one single page, which arguably ties everything together. This page is what makes my plan a “conspiracy”. However, you can actually buy into my secret for €29, which I have consciously chosen to make sure only those who reads my blogs, and enjoys them, will be “let in” on my secret – Assuming only those having an interest in my writings, are willing to actually pay me to read “the end”.

Anyways, if you’re interested in reading the end of my argument, you’ll basically have to pay me €29 – Which I kind of find hilarious to be honest with you 😀

So can you purchase and read my book, without giving away my little secret?


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