The common origins of the Cosa Nostra and your Government

In Norway in these days, there is a big demonstration in Frøya, where police officers are chasing away demonstrators that are demonstrating against the building of windmills on the island. I don’t know if this is true or not, but apparently the developer have paid 20 million NOK to the police in that area, to “help secure the building of these wind mills”. It wouldn’t surprise me to be honest with you.

If you look historically at your government, and its police force, there is no way to hide the fact that the police and the Italian mafia (Cosa Nostra) has the exact same origins. Some 300 years ago, people in Sicily had problems with thieves and robberies. As an attempt at trying to fix the problem, some farmers came together and created the “Cosa Nostra”. The idea was to arm a small fraction of men, and pay them to patrol the areas most infested with thieves, to such keep the rest of the population safe. Over the centuries, this organisation started accumulating more and more power, and such became corrupt to the bone, and arguably became the problem they were originally created to solve.

Read this blog once more, and feel free to explain to me the following …

What is the difference between the Italian Mafia and the Norwegian Police in Frøya?

FYI, the fix for this is quite simple; Just buy my book, and Sim Sala Bim – Problem solved! 😀


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