The things we worship

Do you want to know a secret? Every single human being on the planet is “crackpot crazy”. Some people worship money as the meaning of life, others worship governments. Yet others again worships phoney belief systems, such as the belief in that Jesus will descend from the Heavens, and create paradise on Earth. I’m here to tell you “that’s OK”. First of all because I realise that there is nothing I can possibly do to make others see the truth. Secondly, because most of these things others worship, aren’t all that dangerous, with some few exceptions of course.

For instance, over the last 2,000 years or so, monks have spent their entire lives effectively pruning themselves out of the tree of life, believing in that this is the only path to the “tree of life”. If you read the Bible though, with an open mind, there is no way you can ignore the fact that Jesus had a child. Still, due to the dogmas of the Catholic Church, he has been imagined as living in celibacy by those whom are the “experts on Jesus”. Jesus more or less flat out said that you needed to have children to “come to Heaven”. Regardless of that fact, those whom have studied him the most, often seems to conclude with that the meaning of life, is to live in celibacy, reject the idea of having children, and such literally prune themselves OUT of the tree of life.

Fact are, the Bible clearly shows us, that if somebody were ever to actually find the meaning of life, he would probably be debated to death, and even those who followed him, would highly likely end up doing the exact opposite of what his teachings were.

For instance, have you ever noticed how most “militant atheists”, those who fanatically believes in evolution, and preach it at every possible occasion, for weird reasons seems to not have children …?

At the end, you can’t avoid laughing I presume. That, and of course, to buy my book 😉


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