Alchemy 101

HOWTO make another man hand you his soul

Alchemy is probably the by far most misunderstood word in western mysticism and occultism. Most people believes that it implies changing lead into gold. At best, this is an analogy for its actual meaning, which is in fact far more spiritual and esoteric in its nature. Alchemy is actually the process of “transforming something negative into something positive”.

Let me illustrate with an example; In 2007 I held a meeting in my startup where I informed my colleagues of that I did not want to sell software licenses to government organisations conducting in wars overseas, without a UN mandate, in an attempt at “doing my part” to create peace and justice on earth. One of my colleagues stood up and said; “That is blasphemy, since World Peace is not supposed to happen before Jesus is reborn.”

We were roughly 7-8 people hearing his words, and 4 of those listening to him, agreed with him; One was Mormon, the other was Jehovah Witness, I was an atheist, and another one died a couple of years later – I am not sure what the others were, but at least 4 of them believed in Jesus one way or another, and used this belief as an excuse to convince me of how this plan was in fact “blasphemy”.

When I originally blogged about this incident, he became so angry at me, he spent 5 years trying to destroy me, using slavery contracts as his excuse. Contracts which are no longer legal in any EU state for the record. He stole my company, worth 1.2 million EUROs using lies, corruption, deception, and (now) illegal contracts. He later testified against me, and sent me to jail, and basically tried his best to make my life as miserable as possible – Not realising he basically handed me his soul in the process. He used his entire network to basically try to bury me, and at one point literally whispered into my ear; “I will destroy the rest of your life.”

Since then of course, the world has moved onwards, and even huge IT companies such as SalesForce are now trying to get rid of customers selling assault rifles, etc – And even employees in Google are demonstrating against military contracts Google is having with the American army, threatening to quit their jobs, unless Google resigns from these contracts. Hence, history proved me right, and I won the argument, simply by being loyal to my morals and ethics, and following my heart, instead of my wallet and short term goals.

The observant reader might at this point realise that the only thing I need to do to get even with him, and basically squash his soul, and obliterate his public persona, is the only thing I haven’t done in this article; Mention his name!

Why? Well, first of all I started out wanting to prove that I was a better man than him, unwilling to descend to his level. Secondly, I realise the man has had that sentence stuck into his throat a thousand times since then. Today he’s go psoriasis, ME, migraine and OCD. Secondly, the sentence I finished my video with, the one I went to jail over, became his destiny. Today the man is literally drowning in the most dangerous and venomous industrial waste Norway has ever produced, and it’s being buried under his house. Do I care? No! Am I afraid of him? No! Can I squash his soul? Yes! Am I doing it? Nope, because …

His own lies and evil ways are basically doing that job for me

Karma is a bitch! And she’s mine, and I freakin’ luv my bitch … 😉

Besides, all of my 100+ best friends knows his name, his crimes, and helps me “keep him straight”. Thank you for your soul Mister Nobody …


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